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 9  Aug

Finished Vehicle Logistics Import Export North America



Marriott Camden Yards, Baltimore
United States


Ensuring North America’s points of entry and exit can support tomorrow’s vehicle flows

North America’s finished vehicle import-export market remains buoyant, with ports in Mexico, Canada and the US all benefiting from booming automotive flows. But this very market buoyancy has been stretching ports’ eco-systems as they struggle to accommodate high vehicle throughputs – in many cases without the benefit of the most up-to-date yard management and communication systems. Often, the result is inefficiency and delay.

Dealing with this has become a pressing problem for North America’s ports and its finished vehicle logistics sector. There are many strands to solving the issue, however. They range from better network planning to smooth out the flow of vehicles and distribute them across a wider spread of ports to fresh investment by the ports themselves in upgrading their yards and vehicle management capabilities.

Perhaps the biggest area of potential, however, lies in the use of new technology to streamline logistics processes and enable better communication. And nowhere is this more important than in the interface and information flow between ports and other parties in the supply chain.

As Charles Franklin, manager of export logistics at American Honda, noted recently: “All of the OEMs have cars somewhere, and we all need to move them – but there is no unified information database saying who is moving cars when and where.”

About the conference
Now in its fourth year, the Finished Vehicle Logistics Import-Export summit is a well-established and highly popular forum for all the leading players in the North American vehicle import-export sector.
- “A great opportunity to gain insight on industry issues,” – Patrick Foran, Operations Support at Hyundai Glovis
- “Real-world ideas and information from industry professionals actually making it happen,” – Brett
- Dixon, National Operations Manager at Maserati.
- “Well worth attendance and participation. Good mix of OEM’s and logistics providers” – Clifford Pyron, Georgia Ports Authority

This year’s one-day summit will be held at the Marriott Camden Yards, Baltimore – home of the US’s biggest vehicle handling port by volume – and will provide a unique opportunity to combine business with relaxation.

The single, all-inclusive delegate fee includes:
- access to all speaker presentations and Q&A sessions
- networking lunch and coffee breaks
- messaging, video and comment via the in-conference app
- entry to the post-summit drinks reception.
- soft copies of speaker presentations to download after the event.



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