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Five Keys to Transportation Planning and Optimization Success

Today’s fluid, omni-channel logistics and global economic environment present companies with a more complex transportation puzzle to solve. Best-in-class companies, suppliers, and customers find advanced transporta...



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16 Jun 2017
O Supply Chain ainda não passou pela transformação digital

Digitalização precisa começar agora, a fim de apoiar empresas na redução da complexidade e aumentar a visibilidade de todas as etapas do processo produtivo

  Author Infor
  Company Infor

16 Jun 2017
The lack of visibility in omni-channel retailing is leading to lost sales, loyalty & revenue

It is no secret that customer expectation for a consistent omni-channel retail experience continues to grow but what is the true business cost for retailers who aren’t yet joining up all the dots in their omni-channel service? Recent research conducted by Sapio Research on behalf of supply chain technology specialists Zetes, in association with Zebra Technologies, reveals just how customers are responding to subpar events and the way they expect a retailer to respond across all channels.

  Author Zetes
  Company Zetes

08 Jun 2017
Industrial Internet of Things e il nuovo ruolo dei sistemi MES nella fabbrica 4.0

L’applicazione delle tecnologie IoT in fabbrica cambia lo schema logico-architetturale che collega le diverse soluzioni applicative e impone ai sistemi MES di reinventare il proprio ruolo e modalità d’interconnessione tra sistemi, tecnologie e componenti vecchi e nuovi.

  Author Tecnest Supply Chain Competence Center
  Company Tecnest S.r.l. - Supply Chain: Cultura e Soluzioni

23 May 2017
Siamo pronti per l'Industria 4.0?

Il nuovo paradigma che si sta affermando nel mondo manifatturiero trova fondamento in tecnologie emergenti che non solo modificano profondamente gli attuali modelli di business ma seguono anche dinamiche di sviluppo non lineari. Per catturare i benefici della digitalizzazione, le aziende sono chiamate ad agire su tre ambiti: dotarsi delle nuove tecnologie di produzione, adattare i modelli di business e realizzare la trasformazione digitale. Ma a che punto del cammino sono e quali tecnologie e competenze sono necessarie a questo scopo?

  Author Quin
  Company Quin

18 May 2017
The Sharing Economy is shaking up logistics (DHL Trend Research)

Logistics will play a major role in shaping the Sharing Economy. DHL reveals in a new Trend Report today that embracing digital platforms and business models built around sharing not owning assets presents a significant future opportunity for the logistics industry. The report, entitled 'Sharing Economy Logistics - Rethinking Logistics with access over ownership' provides insights to help understand the Sharing Economy, learn best practices in the Sharing Economy from other industries, and presents practical applications of the Sharing Economy within the logistics value chain.

  Author DHL
  Company DHL

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Erema: Gaining a competitive edge through preferential exports

Erema, an Austrian manufacturer of recycling systems, uses AEB software to accelerate the proper classification of its components, manage supplier’s declarations, and ensure compliance in its exports. Erema ships i...