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20 Oct 2017
Latest JDA/Centiro European Customer Pulse 2017 Survey Highlights Click & Collect a Pivotal Driver for Additional In-store Sales

Almost a quarter of European Click & Collect shoppers bought additional items while picking up their item; survey also highlights significant in-store mobile device usage   The third annual JDA/Centiro Customer Pulse Report Europe 2017, conducted by YouGov, revealed that Click & C

  Author JDA
  Company JDA

20 Oct 2017
The shift to a value-selling approach for manufacturers

The rise of the connected consumer means that customers are more educated and price-savvy about their options than ever before, which has resulted in sales people across many segments having less control over the sales process. How manufacturers can continue to add value to their customers

  Author Craig Wright, Sr. Director
  Company Infor CX

19 Oct 2017
L’informatica dà una marcia in più alla moda made in Italy

Informatizzazione e ottimizzazione dei processi di pianificazione, produttivi e logistici per il settore maglieria del Gruppo Calzedonia a cura di: Tecnest Supply Chain Competence Center La cultura aziendale è una questione di conoscenza. Perché, per sentirsi parte di un team non

  Author Tecnest Supply Chain Competence Center
  Company Tecnest S.r.l. - Supply Chain: Cultura e Soluzioni

18 Oct 2017
A multi-modal approach paves the way to successful digital transformation

Digital transformation is often framed as being primarily about technology. The examples held up as digital transformation nirvana focus on how an app turned an entire industry upside down or why, thanks to big data or other emerging technologies, people will never buy, watch, eat, or drink this pro

  Author Infor
  Company Infor

16 Oct 2017
Como a falta de gestão no pátio pode atrapalhar a operação logística

Otimizar processos para fazer mais com menos é um objetivo constante em todos os negócios, e no gerenciamento de armazém não é diferente. São muitos os desafios com que os operadores precisam lidar diariamente, como a frota de caminhões parados po

  Author Otimis
  Company Otimis

1 - 5 of 230
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Today’s omni-channel marketplace means competition is increasing, consumers are demanding more relevant products, inventory lifecycles are shorter and fulfillment is incredibly complex. Business conditions are constantly changing, which means you need the flexibility to adapt quickly and continu...

Building the Brand of Procurement and Supply

Forward-thinking players are setting their sights on advancing the future of procurement with active value management. But there’s a long way to go to become an essential part of the enterprise performance conversa...

Audit of 15,000 Consumers Reveals Trends in Mobile Payments, Returns and Emerging Technology

Findings in the Retail in 4 Dimensions: Understanding Consumer Behavior in an Age of Relativity report highlighted three personas demonstrative of consumer behavior. It also revealed opportunities for retailers to ide...

Tudor Rose International increases productivity through integrated SCM platform ASSIST4

Tudor Rose International is Europe’s leading export market management company specialising in building brands around the world. In business for nearly 30 years, the innovative company mastered an ambitious IT mo...