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04 Apr 2017
Innovations Enabled by Industrial IoT Accelerate the Shift to Manufacturing 4.0

Manufacturing across the globe is on the threshold of a revolution, with Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) enabling manufacturers to influence the capacity of objects to communicate with and sense the world around them. This newfound ability of machines to help analyze and streamline processes is attracting investments and creating numerous opportunities for manufacturers. With Industrial IoT, the Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment will be fast, automated and customer oriented.

  Author Frost & Sullivan
  Company Frost & Sullivan

27 Mar 2017
IIoT transformation: part of a $1.7 trillion opportunity that will put CIOs to the test

PwC issues “The Role of the CIO in Integrating IIoT for Industrial Companies” jointly with the Global Manufacturing & Industrialisation Summit .The report outlines a roadmap for CIOs to manage the transformation of industrial companies to successfully adopt IIoT. Devising a digital strategy is key for manufacturers; building capabilities and initiating pilot programme

  Author PwC
  Company PwC

23 Mar 2017
Oracle Retail 2025 Study Reveals Consumer Attitudes on Disruptive Technologies and Their Impact on Future Retail Experiences

Research Highlights Differing Sentiments on the Role of Automation, Drones, IoT, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality and Wearables in Customer Experience

  Author Oracle
  Company Oracle

10 Mar 2017
JDA/SCDigest Study Reveals Gap Between 3PLs' and Shippers' Innovation Expectations

Digitization of everything continues to take a foothold in supply chain, including big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), but how does this translate into innovation for third party logistics providers (3PLs)? A new report from JDA Software Group, Inc., and Supply Chain Digest (SCDigest) reveals that 69 percent of shippers surveyed feel innovation is very important to their relationship with 3PLs (tweet this).

  Author JDA
  Company JDA

23 Feb 2017
JDA/PwC Survey Finds Global Retailers Are Increasing Technology Investments as They Look to Improve the In-store Customer Experience

The fourth annual JDA/PwC global survey of more than 350 retail and consumer goods CEOs has found that 69 per cent of executives plan to increase their investment in digital technologies to improve the customer experience. The new report, “CEO Viewpoint 2017: The Transformation of Retail” was prepared for JDA Software Group, Inc., by PwC

  Author JDA/PwC
  Company JDA/PwC

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The retail sector is always on the move. Whether this involves shopping centres, shops in inner city locations or at airports – trends change very quickly and the goods change just as rapidly too. To keep up with these developments, highly complex and process driven supply chains are needed. With our...

Conducting the End-to-End Value Chain Orchestra

In recent years, manufacturers have been outsourcing increasingly larger bits and pieces of their operations. Even historically sacred cows such as engineering, R&D, and product development are now commonly outsource...

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Erema, an Austrian manufacturer of recycling systems, uses AEB software to accelerate the proper classification of its components, manage supplier’s declarations, and ensure compliance in its exports. Erema ships i...