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11 Sep 2017
Tour de Supply Chain: Wholesale & Distribution

  Inspired by team GB’s triumph in the last few years, more and more of us are getting back on the saddle. In fact, according to British Cycling, we are now one of the most successful cycling nations in the world. However, as Brexit jitters grip the cycling industry and the value of t

  Author Slimstock
  Company Slimstock

05 Sep 2017
Tour de Supply Chain: Retailers & E-tailers

It seems that the British public are getting back on their bikes in startling numbers. Last year alone, we cycled an impressive 3.5 billion miles; 6.3% more than in 2015. However, as the UK Government forges ahead with a £1.2 billion project set to double the uptake of cycling by 2025,

  Author Slimstock
  Company Slimstock

22 Aug 2017
Supply & Demand: The Age-Old Supply Chain Story Gets a New Twist

by Stacie Immesberger, Director, Solutions Strategy and Marketing, Supply Chain Planning and Execution, Infor   We often speak about how much supply chains have changed in the past decade, crediting digital disruption, high consumer demand, globalized production, neo-protectionist po

  Author Stacie Immesberger
  Company INFOR

02 Aug 2017
Digital transformation in manufacturing: Getting started–part two

This is the conclusion to a two-part series. Click here to read part one. In yesterday’s blog post, we covered why now is the time to focus on disruptive technologies and steps 1-3 in the journey to digital disruption. Today, we pick up the story, starting with point 4….  

  Author Infor
  Company Infor

01 Aug 2017
Digital disruption in manufacturing; Getting started–part 1

This is part one in a series The series offers advice on how to get started on your digital journey. The insights apply to large enterprises and SMBs, industrial manufacturers as well as fabricators, contractors, and organizations in the Food & Beverage industry, Chemicals, Auto, or A&D.

  Author Infor
  Company Infor

21 - 25 of 88

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Even industries driven by the strictest safety and environmental regulations are capable of reducing their costs. Our solutions improve each phase of the chemical logistics supply chain, to increase your supply chain performance, improve predictability and mitigate potential problems before they arise. B...

AXIT Study: Cloud Usage supports Digitalization in Logistics

Supply chain management is the biggest driver of this development Cloud computing is being used in logistics more and more. This is the result of a comparative study which was conducted by the Frankenthal-based I...

State of the Retail Supply Chain 2017

Research highlights that ‘handling promotions effectively’ remains the retail industry’s top business issue regarding supply chain planning & execution. ‘State of the Retail Supply Chain 20...

Erema: Gaining a competitive edge through preferential exports

Erema, an Austrian manufacturer of recycling systems, uses AEB software to accelerate the proper classification of its components, manage supplier’s declarations, and ensure compliance in its exports. Erema ship...