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Investigating Sales Management Role in Commercial Returns: Enhancing the changes of cusomer needs

The business-to-business competitive environment is dramatically changing, and firms need to learn how to keep up. Manufacturers must attempt to deliver incremental value to enhance business relationships and to do this ...



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03 Jun 2016
RESEARCH: Transport Market Monitor: High capacity and all-time low diesel prices further decrease transport price index

This is the twenty-seventh edition of the Transport Market Monitor. It outlines developments in European road transport rates and includes the figures of the first quarter of 2016.
- The price index decreased by 6.8% in Q1 2016 (index 91.5). When comparing to the index level of the previous year, Q1 2015, we see that the price index decreased by 3.2%.
- In Q1 2016, the capacity index increased to 110.7 (25.0%). This is the highest value since Q1 2014 (index 114.4).
- The diesel index dropped to the lowest value since our measurements began in January 2008: an index of 59.1. The index is 22.7% lower than Q1 2015.

  Author Transporeon
  Company Transporeon

27 May 2016
RESEARCH: DHL demystifies Asian trade trends and uncovers supply chain implications

The DHL study "Demystifying Asia Pacific Trade Trends" presents key APAC trade trends and their supply chain implications. In the current fragile global macroeconomic environment, the APAC region remains a beacon of optimism, positioned to be the world's fastest growing region with trade as a key growth sector. APAC's importance in world trade will continue to grow with intra-APAC trade lanes projected to account for 50 percent of top 15 global trade lanes by 2030.

  Author DHL
  Company DHL

04 May 2016
RESEARCH: New logistics model developed to support advancement of circular economy

Deutsche Post DHL Group has collaborated with Cranfield University and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Circular Economy 100 initiative to develop a new logistics model to support efforts to expand the circular economy. In a new report published in April, Waste not, want not. Capturing the value of the circular economy through reverse logistics, the partners have introduced the Reverse Logistics Maturity Model, a practical tool that helps organizations to map out and continuously improve reverse logistics processes for their products.

  Author DHL
  Company DHL

28 Apr 2016
RESEARCH: Potentially new game-changing trends revealed in DHL's 2016 Logistics Trend Radar

DHL reveals 26 key trends that could impact the logistics industry in the next five to ten years. The new 2016 Logistics Trend Radar, the third in the pioneering series, introduces brand new trends, tracks the evolution of trends spotted in earlier editions and ones that have faded or become mainstream since the series started in 2013.

  Author DHL
  Company DHL

14 Apr 2016
RESEARCH: Industry 4.0: companies worldwide are investing over $US 900 billion per year until 2020

Global study by PwC: companies expect Industry 4.0 to generate significant benefits in costs, efficiency and profits / more than half estimate ROI within two years / demand for IT specialists and data security are the biggest challenges

  Author Stefanie Zuberer
  Company PwC

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Tudor Rose International increases productivity through integrated SCM platform ASSIST4

Tudor Rose International is Europe’s leading export market management company specialising in building brands around the world. In business for nearly 30 years, the innovative company mastered an ambitious IT moder...