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7 Jul 2017
4murs optimizes order fulfilment with AutoStore® solution
  Egemin Automation  -  Belgium

16 Jun 2017
The lack of visibility in omni-channel retailing is leading to lost sales, loyalty & revenue
  Zetes  -  Belgium

11 May 2017
Yusen Logistics Wins Gold Award from Toyota Motor Europe
  Yusen Logistics  -  Belgium

4 May 2017
Queen Fabiola Children’s University Hospital Welcomes New UPS Volunteer Zora Robot
  UPS  -  Belgium

4 May 2017
Retailers press for smart policy to help tackling food waste
  EuroCommerce  -  Belgium

24 Apr 2017
Yusen Logistics to launch two strategic Pharmaceutical warehouse projects in Benelux
  Yusen Logistics  -  Belgium

14 Apr 2017
Contactless payments - a real benefit for customers and retailers
  EuroCommerce  -  Belgium

7 Apr 2017
Assmann Büromöbel increases productivity by 20% & reduces errors to 0 with ZetesMedea Voice picking
  Zetes  -  Belgium

5 Apr 2017
WTO decision: China’s panel dispute against the EU to proceed
  AEGIS Europe  -  Belgium

31 Mar 2017
Fiege, Goodman an Makro lay first stone for 24,000 sqm extension at Puurs Logistics Centre
  Fiege  -  Belgium

27 Feb 2017
Nor Lines increases productivity and efficiency with Zetes' PoD and logistics execution solutions
  Zetes  -  Belgium

17 Feb 2017
AEGIS Europe supports Joint Declaration calling for an ambitious EU industrial strategy
  AEGIS  -  Belgium

17 Feb 2017
Network Investments Make UPS Faster In Europe
  UPS  -  Belgium

15 Dec 2016
KATOEN NATIE kiest voor samenwerking met ORTEC
  ORTEC  -  Belgium

14 Dec 2016
EPC ensures complete unit traceability for explosives with Zetes' collaborative supply chain solutions
  Zetes  -  Belgium

6 Dec 2016
James Hall & Co Ltd improves delivery services with electronic Proof of Delivery solution
  Zetes  -  Belgium

24 Nov 2016
Marston's achieves +5% in picking accuracy and -80% in post-delivery issues with ZetesMedea Voice.
  Zetes  -  Belgium

24 Nov 2016
Yusen Logistics – the first air freight forwarder at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to be awarded IATA-CEIV Pharma certification
  Yusen Logistics  -  Belgium

11 Nov 2016
1,450 Wit-Gele Kruis nurses go mobile in three weeks with Zetes' fully managed mobility solution
  Zetes  -  Belgium

21 Sep 2016
Climex achieves field worker productivity benefits of 20% with mobile workforce management solution
  Zetes  -  Belgium


1 - 20 of 39
Pages (2)  [  1  2  ]



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