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CSCMP - Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

CSCMP - Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Top 3 Strategies for Supply Chain Planners in 2021
Tommy See
Blue Yonder

In today’s ever-changing business environment, supply chain planners have a challenging task at hand. They need to understand the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and align short- and long-term supply chain plans to maximize market share and revenue targets.

Some challenges supply chain planners are facing include:

  • How will external variables such as disruptions and supply shortages impact my demand forecast?
  • If we are expecting a revenue gap due to tracking errors or weather, how do we pivot?

Across all sectors and industries, supply chain planners are pressured to meet real-time demand while balancing long-term organizational initiatives such as revenue growth, supply chain agility and resiliency to future shocks.

To navigate the new normal, here are three strategies supply chain planners should consider:


1. Consider External Variables at Scale

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Six theories about how 3D printing will change logistics
3D printing has been used by certain industries for some time now, and more sectors are following suit. One thing is for certain: The market share of additive manufacturing will continue to grow. This white paper puts forward six theories about how the technology will affect society as a whole, and logistics in part  >>

Job Opportunities
SR MATERIAL HANDLER : 1st Shift 6:00am- 2:30 pm
     New Jersey - Branchburg  -  PERM  -  Roche
S&OP Manager
     Culver City  -  PERM  -  Michael Page
Logistics Coordinator - REMOTE
     Ridgefield Park  -  PERM  -  Michael Page
Director of Planning
     El Segundo  -  PERM  -  Michael Page
Supply Chain Analyst
     Chicago  -  PERM  -  Michael Page
Residential Purchasing Manager - Dallas, TX
     Dallas  -  PERM  -  Michael Page
Supply Chain Analyst - South Jersey
     Cherry Hill  -  PERM  -  Michael Page
Senior Procurement Engineer
     Bothell, Washington  -  PERM  -  Philips
Sr Manager Supply Chain Forecast-to-Plan S&OP Process Expert
     Home Based  -  PERM  -  Philips
Master Planner
     New Jersey - Branchburg  -  PERM  -  Roche
Demand Planning & Forecast Manager
     Manhattan  -  PERM  -  Michael Page
Warehouse Operations Manager
     Naperville  -  PERM  -  Michael Page
Strategic Sourcing Manager
     Norwalk  -  PERM  -  Michael Page
Director of Supply Chain Manufacturing Industry Bellingham, Washington Area, US
     Bellingham, Washington Area  -  PERM  -  Argentus
Demand Planning Manager, Forecasting Manager
     Cranbury  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

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Last update 6 Feb 2021
January PMI hits record high amid strong client demand
   Source: Markit US Manufacturing PMI   -  IHS Markit
United States 


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