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FRAPORT AG: Fraport AG soars with Infor BI Application Studio



 Fraport AG

Sector:   Aerospace and Defense

About the company
Fraport AG is one of the leading companies in the airport industry worldwide. In Frankfurt Airport, Fraport AG operates one of the most important air transport hubs in the world. An experienced management firm, Fraport is developing Frankfurt Airport City into an outstanding location for mobility, adventure, and real estate. The range of services provided by Fraport AG includes all services associated with the flight industry. Fraport is also a competent partner for airport retailing
and real estate development. As a full service provider in airport management, Fraport AG is active in numerous locations worldwide.

The strategy
Integrated controlling for planning and reporting coupled with central and clear reporting tools: Ten years ago, Fraport AG faced the task of developing a new controlling concept. It was hard to imagine then that this solution for the decentralization of planning and reporting tasks would, a decade later, be combined with the Infor® BI Application Studio reporting tool and globally available functions to form one uniform interface.
The Frankfurt Airport Controlling Tool (FACT) was first designed in 1997 and implemented based on the Infor BI OLAP Server (called Alea at that time). With the uniform system and database, planning work was reduced by a third. The Infor BI Application Studio tool (called onVision at that time) was then introduced, which enabled all essential company data to be pooled together for clear reports and analyses. In a further step, strategic planning is now to be integrated into the Infor environment. “In this way, we gain driver-based, high-performance planning and analysis capabilities in one integrated tool,” explains Elke Lay, team leader for controlling concepts and systems.



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