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Lituanica’s appetite for success leads to Slimstock partnership




Sector:  Retail

The UK’s largest specialist retail chain of Lithuanian and Eastern European cuisine has partnered with inventory management experts, Slimstock, to increase availability across its network of stores and wholesale cash & carry operation. With continued year on year growth for over 15 years, Lituanica will implement Slim4, Slimstock’s inventory management solution, to optimise the inventory across their network.

With over 6,000 products sourced from multiple countries, Lituanica has been stocking the British Isles with food from Eastern Europe longer than any other company. As a family-owned business, the Eastern European specialist retailer strives to offer customers with an ever-increasing variety of food whilst at the best possible prices.

As part of the businesses commitment to adding customer value, the business recently introduced a new WMS system. In order to further minimise stock outs and eradicate waste, Slimstock’s inventory management solution will help the business to gain greater control over their inventory. Through optimising inventory levels, the specialist retailer will unlock additional working capital which in turn can be reinvested to help the business achieve further growth.

“Given Lituianica’s commitment to providing communities across the UK & Ireland with the freshest flavours from Eastern Europe, we are excited to support Lituanica’s continued growth,” concludes Richard Evans, Managing Director at Slimstock UK.






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