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What Every CFO Should Know About Inventory Optimization


Inventory Optimization Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) ERP

Studies show that a majority of CFOs believe the supply chain is directly linked to their ability to meet corporate objectives.
Now as a tough recession ends, a growing economy causes upward pressure on inventory levels. Inventory strategy is crucial to good supply chain performance and availability of working capital. As the guardian of market value, no one is better positioned to transform supply chain management than the CFO. This paper provides a few facts that every CFO should know, including:
- Top concerns of senior supply chain executives are shifting to customer service requirements.
- How exactly does inventory optimization free up working capital and increase customer service?
- ERP and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) systems do not optimize inventory across the supply chain.
- How can inventory optimization move the organization to an entirely new trade-off curve between inventory cost and service level goals.

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