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Best Practices in S&OP: A Benchmark Report



Many factors, including shrinking profit lifecycles, demand for personalized solutions, and the rise of the distributed network enterprise —have created more uncertainty and risk in the global competitive environment, but also great opportunity.
Companies have redefined winning business models, processes, and technologies and have catapulted the sales and operations planning (S&OP) metrics into the single most important tactical process to manage risk and profitability.
Dynamic sales and operations planning is that set of business processes and technologies that enable an enterprise to effectively respond to demand and supply variability with timely determinations of the right market and supply chain mix, all through the S&OP time horizon.
AberdeenGroup has extensively researched the sales and operations programs of a variety of companies in order to identify the best practices most responsible for superior business performance through S&OP.
A number of companies have risen to the top using a fundamentally different and competitively superior approach to the sales and operations planning process. Six leaders are featured in this white paper, providing insight on turning adversity into advantage.


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