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Best Practices in Transportation Management


Transportation Management Transportation TMS

Supply chain and transportation management executives face intense pressure to deal with rate and capacity challenges, as well as satisfy the increased thirst for transportation information from the rest of the organization. Well-established best practices – such as centralizing the transportation management organization, automating order consolidation, taking greater control of inbound freight, and self-invoicing – continue to drive value for companies. However, three new best practices have emerged: carrier collaboration, universal information access, and 360-degree scorecarding.
To identify today’s success strategies for transportation management, AberdeenGroup researched the domestic transportation practices of a variety of large and midsize companies. This investigation found that a number of companies have successfully transformed their transportation management system and operations to drive increased value for their businesses, while keeping cost and capacity issues in check. Seven best practice leaders were selected to illustrate these success strategies. Each leader is profiled in a case study that discusses the company’s business challenge, transportation strategy, technology deployment, process and organizational enhancements, lessons learned, and results.


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