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Transportation Planning and Management for Operational and Bottom line Benefits


Transportation Planning Transportation Management Transportation

Some SAP customers have integrated best-of-breed solutions like Logility Voyager Transportation Planning and Management™ with SAP R/3 for significant transportation cost savings while improving customer service and transforming their transportation operations from a cost center to a competitive advantage achieved through quicker, more cost-effective delivery to customers.
Many companies who have, or plan to implement, SAP R/3, mySAP™ ERP or mySAP™ SCM, need a comprehensive transportation management system that integrates seamlessly with SAP R/3. Logility continues to widen the functionality gap by enhancing Voyager Transportation Planning and Management with advanced capabilities that drive continuous improvement and enable companies to achieve new levels of return on investment (ROI) and operational excellence in transportation.
With Voyager Transportation Planning and Management, SAP R/3 customers have a unique opportunity to make up for lost time and gain the benefits of an industry-leading transportation automation solution.


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