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Four Steps to Building a Branded Apparel Competitive Edge



The branded apparel industry is at a crossroads. There are several new challenges and industry dynamics that will force the branded apparel industry to change and adapt, or lose relevance. Several leading companies have already begun to reshape the blueprint for success by implementing leading-edge supply chain capabilities combined with a holistic business process that dramatically reduces cycle times, increases visibility across the entire value chain, enables quick response to changes at retail, and ultimately delivers satisfaction to the consumer, in the form of the right product, at the right place and time, at the right price, and in the right size and color. But overall industry success and survival depends on each branded manufacturer's ability to radically change how business is done.
It is crucial for branded apparel companies to deploy three key competencies—create a "one number plan," maximize in-season excellence, and develop a synchronized supply chain—and integrate these competencies into holistic business processes.
Companies that have been successful in implementing and integrating these competencies have done so by addressing the business problems holistically, and realizing that success lies not just in an implementation of software functionality, but in implementing true business capabilities which require equal emphasis on people, process, and technology.


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