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[Ebook] Edi/B2b To Saas Migration Solutions: Customer Feedback


Company: Generix Group

The Best Practices survey was carried out online in September 2015, with a self-administered questionnaire filled out by companies which have migrated an EDI platform to SaaS. 72 large industrial and service companies responded, including Aldes, Auchan, Bonduelle, Caisse des Dépôts, Canon, Crédit Foncier, Galian, Michelin, Ministère de la Défense, Natixis,
Orange, Orfea, Radiall, Scor, Sercel, Solvay, Speig, Université de Nantes, and Volvo, amongst others.

In terms of profiles, half of respondents hold posts in information systems management. Other respondents include project managers, management auditors, and project ownership, applications, data exchange and security

Key results:
- Migrations are most often sought out to increase agility, improve the quality of exchanged data and to meet business needs.
- Migration time varies according to the companies, but is often less than twelve months.
- CIOs are on the front line of initiating projects.
- ROI is positive, but remains difficult to evaluate.
- Objectives set before the migration are achieved.
- The benefits can be seen in various areas: SLA levels, agility, ramp-up support, data security, cost reduction, etc
- Cost reduction with regard to internal architecture is significantly likely.
- The lack of commitment from business units, integration with the existing IS, and a lack of the appropriate internal expertise are the main constraints.



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