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Workforce In Motion, Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging the New Workforce


Mobile Technology Workforce

In the past decade or so, an entirely new store associate has emerged onto the retail scene. Today’s new associates are both well versed and confident in their ability to utilize technology — particularly mobile technology — to enrich their daily lives. They embrace and integrate new gadgets, devices and applications into their lifestyles unlike any preceding generation.  

Consider how retail workers might spend a typical night off the clock. A good number of them are likely to invite friends to dinner via text message or a mobile Facebook post. They may decide which restaurant to visit using Yelp, make reservations online through OpenTable, check in upon arrival via Foursquare and, once seated, determine what to order with help from Urbanspoon. During dinner, they may take photos to share on Instagram, write a quick review of the restaurant on Zagat or even tweet about their meal to their Twitter followers.

Unfortunately, when they clock in for work at their local retail store, more often than not they are forced to disconnect, unplug and abandon these tools. All too often, bulletin boards in back rooms are used to post schedules for the coming week. Swapping shifts to accommodate unexpected conflicts requires a phone call to the manager. Many workers will punch a paper card, or swipe a piece of plastic on a time clock and then look for a manager to receive their shift assignments. At the end of the shift, most of these workers will fill out a paper or electronic form to document the completed tasks, and possibly even write a note to the boss requesting a day off.


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