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Methodical Forecasting - Consistent demand capacity management at Daimler AG


Demand Capacity Management Forecasting Demand Planning

Established globalization with central planning is the way the Daimler AG in Stuttgart is pursuing under its global growth strategy 2020. For that flexibility in sales is an indispensable prerequisite. In the face of ever-increasing competition and an ever-increasing variety of products, this flexibility must be protected by a validated, consistent and transparent capacity planning at all levels of the product and the value chain. Sales planning and production − including parts requirements planning − should be coordinated in a time horizon of two to three years.

“There is now a transparency, a validity that we did not have before. In the past, the experience and the resulting assessment were crucial for demand and parts requirements planning. Now we can make a consistent statement that applies to all: product development, sales and suppliers,” explains Jürgen Hirzel, who is the head of program and capacity management at Daimler. His department verifies that the necessary capacity is available in terms of materials and resources for the number of passenger cars Daimler plans to build the worldwide each year.

The program and capacity management department is the central instance for requesting and collecting planning information from various departments and divisions worldwide. It consolidates demands on all product levels, calculates the component requirements based on this information, and performs continuous demand capacity balancing at all levels including the parts.

The manager adds: “We consolidate the relevant information to bring together sales planning and production plan. The central questions we ask ourselves are: Can we actually build the vehicles that are to be sold according to sales plan? In which vehicle plant (assembly line)? With what power-trains (engines, transmissions and axles) and with which components we source also source from external suppliers, dependent on the model?”


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