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Capgemini’s Supplier Relationship Management


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Globalization has created increasingly complex supply chain challenges. With many suppliers spanning countries around the world, it is becoming difficult to control and derive value from procurement procedures. This problem is compounded by maverick spending instances, high SG&A costs born from inefficiencies, and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

Capgemini Consulting, together with SAP, has the remedy to control these problems and help you realize value through standard procurement practices. We take a holistic, all-encompassing approach to implementing mySAP supplier relationship management (SRM). We create a stream of 4 main blocks: strategic sourcing, contract and supplier management, purchasing and accounts payable. In each block of this continuous loop, we feed procurement intelligence such as key performance indicators and spending analysis. This closed-loop process optimizes and ensures value-added practices that will continue after our consultants leave the scene.

After assessing your company’s current spending performance and supply base, as well as the “as is” purchase-to-pay processes, we will identify the improvement opportunities and business value resulting from a mySAP SRM implementation. We use this assessment to create a “big picture” roadmap, prioritizing mySAP components. The map will facilitate a quick implementation, resulting in a swift realization of return on investment.

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