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The Financial Framework for Trade Promotion Optimization Success


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When it comes to forecasting, planning and executing promotional investments with trading partners, few executives across Sales and Marketing have as clear a picture as do those in other functions (such as Finance and Operations). In some cases, they suspect missed opportunities and suboptimal spending/investment. The need for improved clarity is essential given the ongoing challenges of trade and shopper marketing, combined with the fact that many companies still plan in spreadsheets.

To help provide that clarity, POI, together with Capgemini, is pleased to present this study and new approach entitled, “The Financial Framework for Trade Promotion Optimization Success.” Before consumer goods companies can determine the effectiveness of their marketing spend, they must have a sound financial framework in place to accurately budget, plan and forecast especially on promotions. Only then can executives align internal, then external partners to assess the right marketing mix (including social media and digital), pricing and offers to optimize promotional ROI.

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