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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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Overview and Business Value: An Interactive Planning and Analytics Paradigm


Company: Oracle
Tag: Value Chain Planning
Planning & Scheduling
Performance Driven Planning

Planning your complex value chain has always been challenging, and the degree of difficulty keeps increasing. Trends in business and economic conditions as well as emerging technology have added to the complexity. The pressure increases to plan for more complex value chains, more frequently, to a greater level of detail, and to make more informed decisions. Oracle Value Chain Planning is the leading solution for the value chain, with over a thousand customers of all sizes in almost every industry segment successfully running their complex businesses and achieving significant results. Oracle Engineered Systems, which include Exadata
and Exalogic, are the preferred platform for deploying Oracle Applications when performance and scalability are important because of the extensive tuning, engineering the hardware and software to work together, and innovations that are only available with the stack.
Many Oracle customers have seen significant scalability and performance improvements by deploying the Oracle Value Chain Planning applications on Oracle Engineered Systems, but to reach the next level of performance and scalability the applications themselves need to
be engineered to take full advantage of the technology stack. Oracle In-Memory Performance Driven Planning is the newest addition to the Oracle Value Chain Planning solution and enables the next generation of near real time interactive planning, simulation, and analysis.

This paper outlines the capabilities and directions of Oracle In-Memory Performance Driven Planning.



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