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Reshaping The Interface Between Marketing And Operations In Globalizing Furniture Supply Chains


Università di Verona - LogiMaster

Over the past few decades, international fragmentation of production and offshore outsourcing have remarkably altered the organization of Western supply chains. Particularly in low-tech, manufacturing sectors, the fast spread of global production network has forced managers to reconsider the configuration of their supply chains, including the alignment between marketing and operations. Although the marketing-operations interface (MOI) is crucial in supply chain management, the understanding of globalization’s effects on this process remains uncertain and unclear. By focusing on the furniture industry in USA and Italy, this paper uses a multiple case study to address the evolution of MOI in globalizing supply chains. Findings suggest that the relationship between marketing and operations in supply chains is contingent on dynamics of internationalization. Acknowledging the exploratory nature of this study, this article also indicates room further improvement and research development.


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