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E-Payables 2014: The Quest



Where does your AP organization fall on the continuum between manual and automated processing? Between drowning in paper and performing as an effective, strategic, and digital partner in your company?

Among your peers in AP leadership, the question in 2014 is not if accounts payable automation should be deployed, but rather, when it can be deployed and how quickly it can be mastered.

In Ardent Partners’ latest report in their State of the AP Market series, you can read of the progress being made in the world of AP and priorities for the future that every leader needs to understand.

While more and more companies are approaching best-in-class status, many more have only just begun their journey or quest for improvement. Download this report to understand the key strategies for achieving best-in-class status for your organization. The clear view of the AP technology marketplace that you’ll walk away with will come in handy, too.  Chapters include:
- Chapter One: Current View of AP
- Chapter Two: The Role of Technology
- Chapter Three: AP Performance
- Chapter Four: Strategies for Success


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