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Are Spreadsheets Sabotaging Your Supply Chain?



Spreadsheet use pervades every aspect of corporate life. But, while it’s easy to get an answer from a spreadsheet, it may not be the right answer. Many supply chain management spreadsheets are compromised by data and logic flaws introduced by users, and growing complexity can trigger catastrophic problems related to scalability, integration, fragility, siloing, and others.

Spreadsheet pitfalls include:
- Three classes of chronic “pilot error” (Researchers estimate that 90% of spreadsheets over 150 rows contain errors)
- Inability of spreadsheets to scale to handle thousands or millions of SKU locations
- Isolation of individual business functions and the spreadsheet “Tower of Babel”
- Serious drawbacks of spreadsheet-to-ERP Integration
- Fragility of spreadsheet “networks” and the Slow Time-to-Decision problem

Experts agree that basing supply chain management on a shaky spreadsheet foundation is a major cause of poor performance and failure to meet customer service level goals. This white paper provides inspiration for anyone who wants to move beyond the limitations and dangers of spreadsheets in planning, forecasting and optimizing the supply chain.  


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