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Avoiding The Pitfalls of SCM-SAP Integration



Running your entire enterprise from one large suite of seamlessly integrated applications is a powerful vision, and nobody has implemented this vision better than SAP. For supply chain management (SCM), the vision assumes implementation of  ERP SAP integration, and a subsequent implementation of SAP SCM, culminating with all supply chain components implemented in both ERP SAP and SAP SCM.

The challenge is that supply chains are never static. They are frequently reconfigured across products, facilities and enterprises. Plants are opened and closed. Products are outsourced or in-sourced. Entities are bought and sold. Today, a truly efficient supply chain requires constant collaboration based on shared visibility to plans across all supply chain components, and often across enterprises.

It is important not to let an “all-SAP” vision stand in the way of achieving supply chain excellence through SCM software, which should be implemented and reconfigured as quickly as the supply chain evolves. Logility and AdapChain, an SAP Certified Enterprise Systems Integration provider, deliver high-performance ERP SAP integration in less time, at lower cost, and provide long-term value by continually upgrading software components to maintain currency with data model updates over time.


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