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The Supply Chain Innovator's Technology Footprint


Supply Chain Technology

Depending on the maturity of their supply chain, companies have different goals and are prioritizing different technology capabilities. “Strivers” are companies striving to reach industry average with their supply chain technology roadmap. “Seekers” want to adopt industry best practices and supporting supply chain technology. “Innovators” are attempting to create new supply chain management practices.

One strategy is to seek technology that lets operations teams flexibly manage multiple types of supply chains. For instance, HP recently redesigned its processes and supporting technology to support a portfolio of five supply chain styles: no touch, low touch, configure to order, high volume, and solutions and services. These supply chains are selectively applied to manage all of HP’s business across its multiple channels, including retail, consumer, and business-to-business sectors. The portfolio approach helps HP actively manage its products as they move through their life cycle by permitting an initial emphasis on velocity and a shift to cost management as a product ages. HP estimates it saved nearly $1 billion through its internal supply chain process and technology initiatives.


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