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WBT Process automation


The online training deals with the broad spectrum of technical process automation in a concise way. The characteristics and special features of process automation are conveyed in a simple manner via images from real-life situations, graphic representations of physical-technical processes and animated processes which you can manage and control yourself.


From the contents:

The three chapters "Handling sub-stances", "System planning" and "Practical processes for process en-gineering", guide you step-by-step to a complete on-screen system. The content of these chapters is reflected in the MPS® PA stations, which you will use during the practical part of the training.

  • Handling substances

    Product manufacturing is, for the most part, subject to defined physical and chemical characteristics. Student‘s awareness should be heightened so that they can assess production conditions and are able to deal with them correctly.

  • System planning

    This guides students through a planning office, providing an in¬sight into the planning and development of a system. Students can examine all the fundamental activities of the planning phase, from the basic principles of project management to drawing a circuit diagram, until the system can finally be built.

  • Practical processes for process engineering

    The vast number of engineering processes can be reduced to four typical ones: filtration, tempering, mixing and filling. Design and function are analysed using the four MPS® PA stations and the modu¬lar product systems from Festo Didactic and any questions that arise while learning about process engineering are answered.



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