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The objective of the 5S training programme is to become familiar with methods to create exemplary, well-organised workstations (both in industrial and administrative areas), where work can be carried out without searching unnecessarily, without long transport distances and without waiting times (i.e. waste-free).

The basic principle of every high-quality product or service is a clean and orderly working environment. Quality, as a basic customer need, has the highest priority at such value-added locations and therefore contributes to securing the order.


Content topics:

  • General basic principles
  • The 5S model
  • The seven types of waste
  • Visualisation in 5S
  • The 5S audit and its application
  • 5S in production
  • 5S in administration
  • 5S workshop procedure


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Available as a CD-ROM version, or alternatively as a web-based training version for installation on networks and learning management systems, with as many licences as you need.


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