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The main elements of a procurement and supply function


In this topic, you will consider the roles and structures in procurement and supply, and how it achieves organisational objectives.


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Aligning strategic supply chain management and corporate strategy

Leading change in the supply chain

Overcoming challenges when managing procurement and supply

Planning supply chain advantage

Strategy formulation

Supply chain design and strategy

The concepts of corporate strategy

The main implications of globalisation on supply chain management

Approaches to managing work groups or teams

Compliance within the sourcing process

Contract terms

Contracts with external organisations

Creating a sourcing or category plan

Delivering effective customer service to improve workflow in procurement and supply

Developing a standard purchase order for goods or services

Developing the business case for sourcing requirements from external suppliers

Effective and efficient administration of purchases made with external suppliers

Ethical codes of practice in procurement and supply

Formation of contracts

Fundamentals of specifications and key performance indicators

How procurement and supply chain management adds value

How products and services are received from suppliers and delivered to customers

Identifying and evaluating risks

Implementation planning

Implications of contractual non-performance

Interpreting data relating to the workflow involved in procurement and supply

Legal issues relating to the formation of contracts

Management and organisational behaviour

Managing individuals

Managing skills and knowledge requirements

Market forces that impact on procurement and supply

Performance improvement

Preparing for negotiations with external organisations

Preparing to source from external suppliers

Processes for managing risks

Procurement and organisational relationships

Procurement in different sectors

Project management and risk

Quality management in procurement and supply

Sourcing processes

Structuring and supporting the procurement function

Supplier development

The external environment and its impact on procurement and supply

The impact of technology on procurement operations

The main approaches for conflict resolution in procurement and supply

The main approaches in negotiating commercial agreements with external organisations

The main components of contractual agreements

The main market factors that impact on a procurement and supply function

The main performance measure of the supply chain

The main regulations in procurement and supply

The main sources of information on suppliers and customers

The main stages of sourcing process

The main stakeholders in procurement and supply

The main tasks associated with each stage of the sourcing process

The main types of organisation and how they operate

The main types of systems for supplier selection, ordering and payment

The procurement process

The rights of procurement

The role of procurement and supply within organisations

The workflow involved when making agreements with suppliers

Understand the legal aspects relating to the performance of contracts

Understand the main approaches to achieve the management of contracts

Understand the main techniques for the management of contracts and suppliers

Understanding options for sourcing

Understanding outsourcing

Effective supply chain management

Improving operations management

Planning and control in operations management

Relationships in supply chains

Supply chain improvement

Supply chain management

The concept of operations management

The design of operations management

The dynamics of supply chains

The main approaches to achieving timely deliveries of products and services

The main implications of purchasing and supply inventory

The main methods for the storage and movement of inventory

The main techniques used for ordering supplies

The principles of transportation in logistics