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Applying Strategic Sourcing Principles to Indirect Procurement

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Education Center: ISM - Institute for Supply Management
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City: Atlanta, GA

Duration: 2 days

As supply management’s role in services procurement evolves, it’s important for professionals to keep up with current trends and strategies in this key category. This seminar will ensure you have all the up-to-date tools and insights. It explores strategic sourcing methods and technologies for the service spend and supply base. You’ll learn about tools and techniques for writing effective statements of work and managing contracts. Case studies about service spend not traditionally sourced by supply management will be analyzed and discussed, offering unique insights into services procurement.

Who should attend
Decision-makers from all functions who select, qualify, approve or purchase services. Also, any decision-maker interested in identifying new opportunities for cost reduction, value enhancement, profit contribution or increasing shareholder value.

You will learn
- How to successfully expand supply management’s role in the procurement of services
- How to identify and prioritize service procurement opportunities
- How to develop and implement a strategic sourcing approach to the procurement of services
- How to recognize and deal effectively with the differences between the purchase of services and the purchase of materials
- Tools and techniques for writing more effective statements of work
- How to develop supplier performance metrics and apply Kaizen principles with service suppliers
- How to creatively apply total-cost-of -ownership principles to the service purchase and agreements.

You will earn 14 CE hours

Course Outline
- The evolving role of supply in the procurement of services: The increasing importance of services in the procurement mix
- Expanding the role of supply in the procurement of services: The shift from passive to proactive purchase of services
- Current trends and opportunities in service procurement: Legal Services; Insurance and healthcare; Banking and financial services; Information and technology and software development; Management and technical consultancies; and Advertising and marketing
- Implementing strategic sourcing of services: Dealing effectively with internal customers of services; Identifying prerequisites for a successful services provider relationship; Specific characteristics to consider when evaluating service providers; Supplier selection: Transaction versus relationship orientation; Market versus network approach to the procurement of services; and Services, e-commerce and reverse auctions
- Writing effective statements of work: Dealing effectively with the differences between services and materials
- Developing and managing service contracts: Recognizing differences in contract law and the Uniform Commercial Code
- Applying quality principles in the procurement of services: Developing service supplier performance metrics and Applying Kaizen techniques to services
- Applying total-cost-of-ownership principles to services: Pricing principles and their application to services; and Negotiation for services — opportunities, myths and misconceptions
- Case studies — Review and analysis

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2 Aug 2018  -  San Francisco, CA


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