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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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Developing Excellence in Strategic Supply Management and Procurement

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Education Center: ISM - Institute for Supply Management
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City: Atlanta, GA

Duration: 2 days

Reach world-class performance by focusing on supply management’s strategic value. This seminar is designed to explore key strategies for the acquisition of goods, equipment, materials, and services, critical issues in reducing operating costs while improving quality and productivity. It will examine the important concepts that form the foundation of strategic supply management. This seminar is a must for any supply management professional who wants to shift from a tactical to a strategic focus.

Who should attend

Supply chain and procurement professionals and managers; materials, contracts, projects, maintenance, operations, and financial managers. Also, any manager or practitioner interested in lowering total cost, and increasing productivity and profit contributions through improved supply management operations and strategies.

You will earn 21 CEHs for this seminar

You will learn

  • Increased skill sets in supply management
  • How to lead continuous improvement programs
  • How to handle economic uncertainties
  • How to design internal and external surveys to enhance supply performance
  • How to develop a Purchasing Coding System
  • How to develop a Composite Purchase Price Index (PPI)
  • How to get more time to work on strategic issues
  • Critical steps in negotiation planning and strategies
  • Methods of price and cost analysis
  • How to format for a Purchased Materials/Services Strategic Plan Outline.

Course Outline

  1. Stages to world class supply management, change and becoming more strategic, supply management impact on the bottom line, supply management skill sets, defining supply management, new job descriptions for supply management, defining the supply management mission and vision
  2. Developing the spend profile, creating time to be strategic, the ABC (pareto) analysis and what to do with it, material/services purchasing code development
  3. Elements of cost that make up the price, price indexes, requesting and evaluating suppliers cost and pricing data, developing "should cost"
  4. Dealing with economic uncertainties, when, where, and how to use "economic price adjustment clauses"
  5. Supplier/procurement categories, strategic alliances, how do suppliers evaluate us as a customer, bidder qualification and selection, internal surveys to improve purchasing performance, supplier performance measurement
  6. Total cost of ownership, reengineering the processes, cost containment methods, cost reductions and cost avoidance — can and should we have both, savings reporting procedure
  7. Developing Purchased Materials/Services Strategic plans, developing a PPI for your organization
  8. Our responsibilities as agents, ISM's standards of ethical practice, negotiation skill sets for negotiation preparation, positional negotiations, what does win/win really mean, final points before the negotiation


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