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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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Capital Equipment Purchasing: Big Risk, Big Dollars, Big Results

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Education Center: ISM - Institute for Supply Management
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City: Atlanta, GA

Duration: 2 days

Take control of your organization’s capital spend budget. This popular seminar will help you purchase high-dollar capital equipment while minimizing risk and maximizing profits. The seminar focuses on achieving organizational objectives by enhancing the capital expenditures process and determining when to use lease-versus-buy alternatives.


Who Should Attend?

Professionals who want to learn how to effectively purchase large-dollar capital equipment while minimizing risk and maximizing profits.

Suggested prerequisites: Contracting: What All the Ts and Cs Mean (formerly Contracting Basics: What All the Ts and Cs Mean) and/or Legal Foundations of Supply Management: The Basics You Need to Succeed (formerly Legal Aspects of Supply Management).

You will learn:

  • How to use the capital expenditure process to achieve corporate objectives
  • How to effectively source capital purchases
  • When to make lease-or-buy alternative decisions
  • How to control a capital budget
  • How to manage negotiations and supplier relations during the process.

You will earn 14 CE Hours.

Please bring copies of your contracts for reference during the program.

Course Outline

  1. Capital expenditure analysis; Capital expenditure definition; Understanding the corporate planning cycle; Capital expenditure evaluation and control tools; Strategic plan; Capital forecasts; Operating forecasts; Operating budgets; The capital expenditure process
  2. Capital equipment purchasing overview; Achieving the corporate objective; Capital analysis; Components of the cost of capital and methods to determine capital cost; Financial return analysis methods; Project evaluation techniques
  3. Supplier sourcing; Supplier financial analysis; Site visits; Bid process, evaluation, and selection criteria
  4. Negotiations in capital purchasing; Control of negotiations and supplier relations; Goals and objectives; Planning and preparation; Elements of a successfully negotiated contract
  5. Lease-versus-buy alternatives; Definition and IRS qualifications of a lease; Lease terminology; The lease-versus-buy decision process; Leasing and purchasing cost evaluation
  6. Administration of the capital acquisition; Responsibility for forecast preparation; Capital budget tracking systems; Controlling capital projects in progress
  7. The post-completion audit; Purposes of audits and types of post-completion audits; Form and content of post-audits; Problems of post-audits and some solutions

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