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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

Course Detail

Supply Chain Logistics: Inventory Management, Warehousing and Transportation


Education Center: ISM - Institute for Supply Management
Date: 2 June 2020
City: Atlanta, GA

Duration: 2 days

Today’s supply management leadership recognizes the need to coordinate the entire throughput of goods and services in a coordinated fashion, from value-added relationships with suppliers through an integrated understanding of our final customer’s value propositions.  Each phase of the supply chain must be coordinated and evaluated to ensure the most efficient and effective process, driving out waste and extracting value wherever possible. This course examines three “logistical” aspects of the supply chain, including Inventory Management, Warehousing, and Transportation. The seminar includes a hands-on, interactive online simulation that teaches participants the basics for the creation and analysis of distribution networks

This meeting will run from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM daily.

Who should attend?

New procurement and supply management professionals, as well as more experienced professionals who want to refresh and update their skills. Also, any company employee who interacts with supply management and suppliers.

You will earn 14 CEHs for this seminar

You will learn

  • The basic principles of each of the three primary “logistical” aspects of the supply chain
  • Concepts that will improve your understanding and ability to communicate and coordinate with others in the supply chain
  • How to better manage inventory, warehouse issues, and transportation in order to optimize the overall supply chain contribution to the success of your organization
  • How to utilize a simulation tool to create, analyze, manage and optimize a distribution network

Course Outline

  1. Inventory Management/Control — The purposes of inventory; inventory costs; need for balancing inventory levels and costs; MRP/DRP/ERP; EOQ and inventory lot-sizing methodologies; inventory management performance measures; lean operations philosophy; dealing with excess inventories; using an online simulation tool to create/manage distribution networks.
  2. Warehousing – Types/purposes of warehousing; warehouse management systems; facility location; facility design; space optimization; stocking location philosophies; loss recoupment; accuracy; security; using an online simulation tool to improve distribution networks.
  3. Transportation – Transportation modalities; transportation trends; transportation carriers and facilitators; rates; carrier auditing; global transportation issues; incoterms; domestic transportation terms; transportation technology; using an online simulation tool to optimize distribution networks.







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