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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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Tactical Decision Making in Inventory and Supply Chain Management

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Education Center: Georgia Tech - The Supply Chain and Logistics Institute
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City: Georgia Tech Global Learning Center

Duration: 2 days       

Numerous tactical decisions must be made in the public and private sectors, e.g., in preparation or in response to one-time events as well as ongoing “routine” operations. Many of these decisions are concerned with the timely and efficient procurement, allocation, and distribution of resources (e.g. funds, supplies, staff) through a supply chain. This course will explore methodologies for tactical decision making including procurement and inventory policies, strategies for distribution and allocation of limited resources, and transportation decisions.

Who Should Attend

  • Tactical & strategic members of governmental or non-governmental organizations or private sector
  • Members of Foundations who support activities that involve logistics and supply chain management
  • TITLES: Program Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Director of Operations, Disaster Relief Manager, Director of Logistics & Inventory, Logistics Officers

How You Will Benefit

  • Optimize procurement decisions considering key factors affecting inventory policies such as lead time, variability, and product type (e.g., perishable goods).
  • Compare and contrast inventory techniques for a single event versus ongoing operations.
  • Evaluate resource allocation tradeoffs and develop policies for the allocation of scarce resources in alignment with the goals of the organization and the supply chain network.
  • Develop resource allocation strategies in alignment with the supply chain network structure.
  • Develop strategies for allocating resources incorporating the interdependencies of decisions across time and space.
  • Provide immediate impact to their organization through learnings gained from applied and real-world case studies
  • Discover current trends and procedures to help their organizations and team members get ahead and stay ahead of the curve
  • Build a critical knowledge base to make tactical decisions around inventory management and distribution
  • Deliver best-practices to measure and evaluate outcomes
  • Ultimately transform the sector with increased capacity to participate in planning and strategic decision-making for effective supply chain management

What Is Covered

  • Inventory
  • Network design
  • Resource allocation







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