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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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20 Feb

Global Supply Chain Security and Risk



Kuala Lumpur


Volatility in markets and Supply Chains will only get higher as the risks and challenges multiply. Identifying the functional areas within and understanding the globality of supply chain are of utmost importance and can help you mitigate suboptimal supply chain performance.

Supply Chains are already reverberating with the increased emphasis on components that are easily integrated, maintained and replaced and have high-speed connectivity. Social network commerce and de minimus shipments are reaching critical mass and are creating a lieu of problems with skewed trade data and duty avoidance. Actionable intelligence offers great physical, geo and temporal options that can help you mitigate suboptimal supply chain performance but require scrutiny and critical financial filters.

High-tech Supply Chain activity dominates with an unending focus on supplier networks, accuracy, speed, and agility. Every supplier identity and endpoint is a security challenge and taking a Zero Trust approach to securing them is the future of complex Supply Chains.

It is time companies' re-evaluate methods that can help them stabilise and secure every identity and threat surface across networks with the same precision and intensity they spend on ensuring the quality of their products. This course focuses the necessary attention on the Supply Chain Security offering ideas as to how this critical element of the organisation can be nurtured and developed whilst ensuring it remains secure and resilient. Join us for a no-nonsense, practical training that will give you immediately actionable guidance.


Key Topics

  • Mitigating Suboptimal Supply Chain Performance
  • Working Around Global Dynamics That Can Erode Your Supply Chain Health
  • Eliminating “Dirty Bombs” in Your Complex Security Business Nodes
  • Eradicating Weak Links and Value Chain Attacks
  • Economics of Your Supply Chain: Security Performance




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