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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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14 Oct

Halton's Science & Manufacturing Cluster - Surviving the New Normal






From 9am (UK time)

This event is specifically to support the manufacturing sector. Organisations actively involved in Science & Manufacturing are encouraged to come to this free and informative event. 


9.00am - Registration

9.15am - Introduction & Welcome to Halton's Science & Manufacturing Cluster

9.20am - Surviving the New Normal 

9:40am - Update on the Governments latest position

10:00am - Breakout Room Discussion & Networking 

10.15am - Feedback to the Group 

10:30am - Meeting close


HSMC - Interact, Inspire, Innovate

This sector specific, specialist network is specifically designed to advance and support Science and Manufacturing across the region.  Everyone actively working in Science and Manufacturing is encouraged to join and all events are free of charge.  All Halton Chamber Members are also eligible to join this network and attend these events free of charge. 

The Halton Science & Manufacturing Cluster is sponsored by 


There is a wealth of expertise and technical knowledge here in Halton with Science and Manufacturing being a well embedded, key cluster in the region providing a unique mix of cutting edge innovation, advanced manufacturing techniques and next generation digital capabilities all accessible alongside the traditional and long established science and manufacturing businesses.  Increasingly we are evidencing loads of synergy between these two sectors, which when combined with a well-established supply chain, creates unique advantages for all.  This is why the Halton Science and Manufacturing Cluster is much valued and so important.

For more information about this network click here or ring 0333 358 3480





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