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16 Mar 2021

National Manufacturing Summit (NMS)


MTC campus at Ansty, Warwickshire
United Kingdom


The forum for industry leaders, manufacturers, government and academia, to discuss and set the national manufacturing agenda.

The Inaugural National Manufacturing Summit (NMS), hosted by the Manufacturing Technology Centre, will take place on the 16th and 17th March.

This event will be the forum for industry leaders, government and academia to discuss and set the national manufacturing agenda; an opportunity for the sector to create a vision, based on our shared priorities, to address the challenges ahead and provide a platform to showcase the best of UK manufacturing.

The key aim of the Summit will be to help regain confidence in our manufacturing industry, by identifying opportunities in new sectors and markets. The NMS will disseminate best practice, knowledge and strategic thinking, whilst engaging participants with the latest tools and techniques that will increase productivity and improve our competitive advantage. 

The ‘journey’ to the Summit will start at ‘base camp’ on 20th January, where industry leaders and sector experts will assemble in order to begin  to shape the task ahead and prepare to guide our manufacturing community safely and successfully to the top. The path will take us through four camps: starting with camp ‘emotion’ on 3rd February, progressing to camp ‘energy’ on 18th February, camp ‘oxygen ’ on 4th March, with a longer pause at camp ‘transform’ on 15th March, before we start our final ascent.


Along the way, we will meet with mountaineers, fighter pilots, Olympians, politicians, academics and fellow manufacturers – providing inspiration, sharing experience and building a vision towards a manufacturing led recovery. We will hear from key influencers, who will provide a ‘state of the nation’, review progress on emerging technologies, and learn from new sectors. The event will provide a framework as to how the sector can contribute to the national recovery; one built on resilience, innovation, and the re-shoring of our industry. 


The National Manufacturing Summit is a fit-for-purpose national platform, which will bring together the multiple voices of manufacturing, enabling a sustainable future for our sector.


Dr Clive Hickman, Chair of the National Manufacturing Summit and CEO of the Manufacturing Technology Centre said

“The camps will help us report progress and development within our sector and identify where we need the manufacturing industry, academia and government, to help drive this forward. The summit is about capturing new ideas, but to reach that point, we need to look at the whole of the UK, pulling in colleagues with an increasingly wide range of views, allowing us to evaluate the best way to reach our goal. I am confident that this high energy, fast paced and dynamic event will go a long way to achieving this ambition. I hope you will be able to join us ”




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