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 26    February
69 Melville Rd, Hyde Park, JOHANNESBURG 2196

We are excited to launch the CIPS Africa Executive Summit 2020 on 26 February. Join the region’s leading procurement professionals at the exclusive Summer Place located in Johannesburg, for a full day of knowledge sharing, learning and networking. The day will provoide you and your teams with an update on the latest developments, trends and innovations within procurement and supply management. The summit programme features topics such as leadership in procurement, local versus global supply chains, transforming and adding value to the business and a whole lot m

 27    February
8 Fenchurch Place, LONDON EC3M 4PB

The procurement and supply profession is transforming digitally, are you ready? Join us for a morning of innovative knowledge sharing with top organisations that are leading the way in the digital space within procurement and supply. At the CIPS Breakfast Briefing – Digitally Transforming Supply, discover how going digital can make a positive impact to your organisation with learning’s you can take back to your workplace in the afternoon.      

 27    February
Felix Lane, SHEPPERTON Middlesex TW17 8NP

GEP will present the findings of a survey of over 300 CPOs regarding what procurement metrics are important to them and to their stakeholders. The results will both surprise and intrigue you!   This event is for CIPS members and non-members to attend. A buffet will be provided at the event.        

 27    February
National Motorcycle Museum, Bickenhill, Solihull, B92 0EJ

Thanks to the “Amazon effect,” customers expect short delivery windows that comply with their terms. With older technology designed for yesterday’s expectations, Logistics Service Providers’ growth potential is limited. Most LSPs have defined goals to improve the customer experience but are not as innovative as they could be due to a lack of support for newer technology. Customers that rely on LSPs seek the same service levels that they receive from consumer brands - short delivery windows and plans that are on their terms. Growth potential i

  4     March
Certosa Di Firenze

La trasformazione digitale è di moda IT4Fashion è l’appuntamento annuale che riunisce i marchi della moda e del lusso per un confronto sulle innovazioni digitali. IT4Fashion costituisce da oltre 10 anni il principale momento di incontro tra i più grandi brand della moda e del lusso e le tecnologie ICT a supporto della trasformazione digitale dell’intera filiera. A partire dal processo di sviluppo delle collezioni per arrivare alle nuove supply chain, nelle quali il livello di ottimizzazione è in grado di fare la vera d

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Last update 6 Feb 2020
Manufacturing growth slows at start of 2020 as exports fall
   Source: Markit US Manufacturing PMI ™  -  IHS Markit
United States 

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Maximum safety and reliability and reducing the costs for our customers at the same time: we are able to offer the chemical industry an extensive range of chemical logistics services that hardly any other logistics specialist can match. It is our goal to harmonise our services with your specifications in s...

Transportation management: focus on last-mile or global systems?

Should you standardize your many business units on a new, globally-implemented transportation management system (TMS), or do you let each business unit or region control its own TMS technology decisions? The best answ...

Engineering the Warehouse
     Georgia Tech Global Learning Center
Supply Chain Project Management: Vendor Selection & Management
     Georgia Tech Savannah Campus
APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Boot Camp
     Georgia Tech Savannah Campus
World Class Sales and Operations Planning
     Georgia Tech Global Learning Center
Tactical Decision Making in Inventory and Supply Chain Management
     Georgia Tech Global Learning Center

Local & Regional Agenda

MADEL: Roadmap to Industry 4.0: Planning & Scheduling in the personal & home care industry

Established in 1977 Madel Spa, is a leading Italian manufacturing company specialized in products for home & personal care. Madel’s mission is the capability to create high-quality and environmentally sustai...

What Do We Really Know About What We Know? The Nature of Relationship Governance in the Reverse Supply Chain

Inter-organizational relationships have received significant attention in the marketing channels literature (Anderson and Weitz, 1992; Mohr and Spekman, 1994; Morgan and Hunt, 1994). More recently, the supply chain liter...

International Agenda