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  8     May
Hyatt Regency Toronto, ON

The eCommerce & Omnichannel Conference   Transforming Retail. Together. eTail brings together top minds at Canada's most successful retailers to plan retail strategies for growth in 2019 and beyond. No commercials or egos: just hundreds of strategic takeaways   Targeted, Unique Content. eTail is where the top minds in retail meet, collaborate and learn about what's disrupting the industry today and what'll change tomorrow. Designed to build your business and your profit, we cut out the fluff and provide you with content

  8     May
Milano - UNAhotels EXPO Fiera

IKN Italy annuncia Industrial Production Forum, l’evento che tratta delle Best Practices nell’Industria 4.0. In occasione della sua 2° edizione, l’appuntamento si presenta per la prima volta come un evento esclusivo di mezza giornata, riservato a Ceo e General Manager,  Responsabili Produzione, Responsabili Operation, Responsabili Manutenzione, Responsabile Supply Chain, Responsabile Logistica, Responsabile IT, Chief Data Officer delle aziende dei seguenti settori: Manufatturiero, Farmaceutico – Chi

  8     May
Milano, UNAhotels Expo Fiera

IKN ITALY PRESENTA “DRUG SUPPLY CHAIN 2019”   Innovazione e condivisione per una Supply Chain 4.0 agile, sicura e veloce Milano, 8 maggio 2019 Da oltre 15 anni IKN Italypresidia il settore con eventi sulla Distribuzione dei Farmaci, Cold Chain e Supply Chain Farmaceutica coinvolgendo circa 300 Speaker del settore, un Advisory Board e oltre 1500 partecipanti. Drug Supply Chainrappresenta l'evento completo, dalla pianificazione della supply chain alla gestione dell'ultimo miglio. L’8 maggio2019 gli esperti del se

  8     May
São Paulo Expo Rod. dos Imigrantes - KM 1,5

A EXPOMAFE — Feira Internacional de Máquinas-Ferramenta e Automação Industrial será de 7 a 11 de maio no São Paulo Expo, o maior e mais moderno pavilhão da América Latina. Programe-se para participar da única grande feira de 2019 para o setor metalmecânico que acontece no país. Inscreva-se agora!        

  9     May

An Overview of  MTA2019 MTA will penetrate the core of ASEAN’s manufacturing markets in Thailand and the region.   With a focus on Advanced Technologies for Manufacturing Excellence, the event aims to deliver high-value capabilities and technologies for quality manufacturing in the region. Together with Intermach 2019 and Subcon Thailand 2019, MTA2019 will be the premier industry platform with a comprehensive showcase of equipment / solutions from Smart Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, Higher Automation, Metalworking and Too

6 - 10 of 136
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Last update 2 Apr 2019
PMI dips to lowest since June 2017 and price pressures moderate
   Source: Markit US Manufacturing PMI ™  -  IHS Markit
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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Even industries driven by the strictest safety and environmental regulations are capable of reducing their costs. Our solutions improve each phase of the chemical logistics supply chain, to increase your supply chain performance, improve predictability and mitigate potential problems before they arise. B...

Combating the Digital Supply Chain Talent Gap

For the past eight years, I have been delivering lectures on supply chain management at the University of Texas at Dallas. This has given me a unique opportunity to interact with students pursuing their master’s...


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Company Established in 1883, PPG Industries manufactures protective and decorative coatings, sealants, adhesives, metal pretreatment products, flat glass, fabricated glass, continuous-strand fiberglass products, and...

The New Language of Procurement

The language of procurement speaks to an agenda driven by delivering value. Leading procurement organizations are well-versed in areas that resonate with financial officers and the performance narrative. They lead with h...

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