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Does Digital Transformation Manufacturing Need Cloud?

In greater numbers, manufacturers are choosing the Cloud to deliver mission-critical ERP functionality and related applications to end users. It's true that many of the early adopters of Cloud ERP were motivated by cost reduction. Internal IT staff could spend more time on high-value tasks by delegating routine maintenance tasks to the Cloud's data center. Software and hardware patches, bug fixes and upgrades, for example, can be monitored, scheduled and approved by the manufacturer's IT department administrator with a simple click of the mouse.

Today, it's important to understand that Cloud ERP adoption in manufacturing is being driven by Digital Transformation. The ERP ecosystem as we've known it has been changed by rapid advances in mobile, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Scale attracts specialized edge manufacturing solutions to specific Cloud ERP ecosystems where end user demands are maximized while IT support costs are minimized. That

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24 Nov 2020
Unified Logistics: The Need for Agile Resiliency

Someone recently mentioned that “resiliency” seems to be one of my favorite words. As words go, it’s not a bad one to have as your favorite.  The ability to adapt, to quickly recover from disruption, to be elastic; it’s fitting for what we all need as we live through

Fab Brasca
Blue Yonder

24 Nov 2020
What Should Your S&OP Solution Actually Do?

Supply and demand represent two of the most basic, foundational business concepts that we have—and yet, getting the two optimally aligned with one another is a challenge even for long-established companies with track records of success. To wit, most manufacturers currently utilize some kind of

Brian Hoey

20 Nov 2020
The sustainable supply chain: Why progress is perfection

With roadmaps to net-zero emissions underway in the West, Japan pledging to become carbon neutral by 2050 and China by 2060, pressure to meet the Paris Agreement on climate change is mounting around the world. Investing in a sustainable supply chain is no longer an option or afterthought with carbon

Jenny Reese

20 Nov 2020
How to Choose the Right Transportation Planning Solution

Planning routes, tours, and frequencies sounds simple enough—but anyone who’s experienced the world of shipping and logistics knows that it’s anything but. In fact, it’s getting more difficult and complex all the time as global supply networks become more complex and customer

Brian Hoey

20 Nov 2020
Manufacturing ERP Needs to Be More Than Vanilla

As an ERP buyer for manufacturing, you will come across several options with their claim to be suitable for any industry or situation. In reality, each ERP systems' design supports concrete business processes based on size and micro-vertical. Implementing an ERP outside its core expertise increa


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PMI improves to highest since January 2019
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Today’s omni-channel marketplace means competition is increasing, consumers are demanding more relevant products, inventory lifecycles are shorter and fulfillment is incredibly complex. Business conditions are constantly changing, which means you need the flexibility to adapt quickly and continu...

Supply Chain Planning in the Face of Rapid Change

There’s little that could properly prepare the world for the magnitude of global events such as the COVID-19 global pandemic. These situations not only impact us as individuals, but often highlight critical vuln...


Erema: Gaining a competitive edge through preferential exports

Erema, an Austrian manufacturer of recycling systems, uses AEB software to accelerate the proper classification of its components, manage supplier’s declarations, and ensure compliance in its exports. Erema ship...

From e-marketplace to e-supply chain: re-conceptualizing the relationship between virtual and physical processes.

In this research in progress paper, we seek to understand how pervasive use of ICT based platform such as electronic marketplaces influences the evolution of novel inter-organizational relationship. We focus on selling a...

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