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New Research Reveals Disconnect Between Consumer Expectations and Today’s Shopping Experiences

According to a new quantitative research report sponsored by Manhattan Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH), there is a growing gap between today’s shopping experiences and consumer expectations. The independent survey of 4,000 consumers and retail professionals in the U.S. illustrates that customers want to expand the role of the store to combine the best aspects of online and in-store shopping. In fact, more than 77 percent of the consumers polled said that they want today’s disconnected shopping transactions to evolve into a unified omnichannel experience.

Despite consumer demand for seamless, channel-agnostic shopping, retailers have been slow to embrace solutions that deliver this experience. Only 20 percent of the retailers surveyed said that reducing friction between channels is a main priority for 2018. Furthermore, only 10 percent of retailers said they have an accurate view of inventory across their businesses – an essential part of delivering a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience. Perhaps as a result, over two-thirds (68 percent) of consumers who shopped across multiple channels reported a noticeable disconnect in service levels.

Manhattan Associates, an omnichannel commerce and supply chain leader, sponsored the online, quantitative survey of 2,000 retail professionals and 2,000 adult consumers across the U.S. to examine their perspectives on today’s top retail trends. The resulting report, titled How Today’s Retailer Priorities Align With Customer Expectations, is available today.

The survey findings indicate that the establishment of online storefronts by traditional brick-and-mortar retailers has triggered a consumer desire for a more flexible shopping experience. The results also illustrate that consolidating online and in-store consumer experiences is proving to be an especially difficult task for today’s retailers, and many are struggling to provide a cohesive brand ex

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13 Dec 2017
The Secret to Balancing Process and Agility in Manufacturing

We caught up with UEP MD Alan Kelly earlier this month to discuss the relevance of process and agility in promoting success up the supply chains of today—and tomorrow. Whether you are reassessing the efficiency of your existing operations or planning to future-proof your

Thomas Brown
Unipart Group

12 Dec 2017
The Ghost of Network Providers’ Future

With mobile network brands almost invisible, what can the present state of utilities tell us about the future of the mobile network sector? The mobile network sector is consolidating. Most people will identify the logo of the major network, but one imagines they would not be able to

Martin O'Grady
Unipart Group

05 Dec 2017
TrinityRail ditches operational forecasting, gains sense and respond supply chain

Supply chain management without an operational forecast – is it possible? Yes. Yes it is. At least if you’re one of the world’s largest providers of railcar services and products. TrinityRail, part of Trinity Industries, Inc., ditched operational forecasting in favor of a sense

Alexa Cheater, Product Marketing Manager

30 Nov 2017
Forecasting and demand management for new events using machine-learning algorithm

What does a machine-learning (ML) algorithm have to do with the Super Bowl? When it comes to forecasting and demand management, a lot. Consider this: According to the National Retail Federation, approximately 189 million people watched Super Bowl LI, and viewers spent an average of $82.19 on e

Iman Niroomand

30 Nov 2017
Supply chain visibility: The key to growth

I came across a KPMG study last week covering a survey of 360 senior executives Forbes Insights did in 2016. There were a couple of key takeaways from the report: Manufacturers are planning on growth, but the overall market isn’t likely to grow. This means companies will need to bat

John Westerveld

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Last update 1 Dec 2017
November PMI signals robust manufacturing growth
   Source: Markit US Manufacturing PMI ™  -  IHS Markit
United States 

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The lack of visibility in omni-channel retailing is leading to lost sales, loyalty & revenue

It is no secret that customer expectation for a consistent omni-channel retail experience continues to grow but what is the true business cost for retailers who aren’t yet joining up all the dots in their omni-c...

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