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Deloitte’s 10th Annual Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2021: CPOs Harness Agility to Deliver and Protect Value Despite Uncertainty in the Wake of COVID-19

Key takeaways

  • The chief procurement officer (CPO) is playing an increasingly complex, integrated and strategic role in the C-suite in light of the coronavirus pandemic and corresponding supply chain disruptions.
  • CPOs identified “driving operational efficiency” as their top priority for the first time in the survey’s 10-year history, narrowly unseating “reducing costs” as the front runner.
  • Procurement “agility masters” outperform their peers on all the major performance metrics. These high performers are capitalizing on new technologies and flexible operating models to adapt to the turbulent marketplace and thrive in the next normal.


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Since 2011, the

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06 Nov 2015
RESEARCH: Few company operations are designed to provide customer value

Changes in customer behaviour are set to disrupt businesses in all industries over the next five years. Yet, most company operations are not designed to deliver what customers value – now or three years from now. This is one of the key findings of a new PwC survey of 1,262 operations decision-makers around the world, launched today.

Lina Woods
05 Nov 2015
CASE STUDY: SIG Combibloc reduces planning time by half using Quintiq Macro Planner

'At SIG, Quintiq is used globally. Everybody can see exactly what is going on everywhere.'
– Carmen Zech, Head of Global Resource Management at SIG

Lorenzo Corea
22 Oct 2015
RESEARCH: Why Do Many Integrated Business Planning Initiatives Fail to Live Up to Expectations?

Too often, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) fails in its mission to help companies allocate critical resources – people, materials, time and money – effectively and profitably

Oliver Wight Americas
Oliver Wight Americas
21 Oct 2015
CASE STUDY: Systems planning and material flow management for a cold rolling mill

The isolated planning systems previously used were replaced, and timeconsuming work-arounds with manually produced spreadsheets are now a thing of the past.

Lorenzo Corea
08 Oct 2015
CASE STUDY: Taking optimization to the next level (Vlisco Case Study)

“Quintiq offered a 100%-fit solution to our problems. In addition, Quintiq had studied our business processes in depth. We were also impressed by the company’s excellent user interface.”
– Ron van Hout, Manager, Planning and Warehousing at Vlisco

Lorenzo Corea

676 - 680 of 699


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Last update 9 Jul 2021
Output growth eases as supply-chain disruption worsens, despite marked rise in client demand
   Source: Markit US Manufacturing PMI ™  -  IHS Markit
United States 

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