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Half of consumers say their spending habits have changed permanently due to the pandemic, according to a new AlixPartners report

A new report released today by AlixPartners, the global consulting firm, finds that one in two consumers around the globe has had their consumption habits permanently changed due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—which is just one of the findings from the firm’s ongoing, empirically-centered research into changing consumer priorities that have led AlixPartners also to announce today the launch of a new modelling approach that segments consumers by their pandemic-related anxieties.

AlixPartners polled more than 7,000 consumers across nine countries—China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States—and found that 48% on average say the pandemic has altered their buying behaviors permanently. T

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10 Mar 2015
CASE STUDY: Loro Piana creates its own customized planning solution with Quintiq

'Our decision to use Quintiq was made very quickly because they could offer us the flexibility that is vital to operate within a complex environment such as the textile industry.' - Nicola Gussetti, Operations Director at Loro Piana Textile.

Lorenzo Corea
25 Feb 2015
CASE STUDY: Quintiq helps KLM Catering Services serve up meals faster and more efficiently

KLM Catering Services Schiphol (KCS) prepares and delivers 45,000 meals a day for 12 airlines, 350 flights, and 50 different types of aircraft. The 1,300-person company is a subsidiary of KLM Airlines and is the catering company for KLM, KLM Cityhopper, and KLM UK as well as for Northwest Airlines, Japan Airlines, Iberia, Royal Jordanian, and Cyprus Airways. KCS also manages non-food supplies such as beverages, sales trolleys, and navigation bags to the private airport lounges in Schiphol Airport. With a delivery performance of more than 99 percent, KCS attributes such solid performance to the Quintiq solution.

Lorenzo Corea
19 Feb 2015
RESEARCH: Global Trade Management Agenda 2015

This year's 'Global Trade Management Agenda' focuses on the burning issues of the day: In addition to the top priorities in global trade management (GTM) in 2015, these include the importance of preferential agreements and the business community’s assessment of the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and US. The Global Trade Management Agenda 2015 is based on the results of an online survey of logistics and global trade experts conducted in the summer of 2014. The study is a collaborative project of AEB and Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, DHBW) in Stuttgart.

Prof. Dr. Dirk H. Hartel and Dr. Ulrich Lison
03 Feb 2015
CASE STUDY: Comprehensive, accurate and flexible passenger rail planning (NTV Case Study)

In 2009, Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori S.p.A. (NTV), Italy’s first private operator on the country’s high-speed rail network, selected Quintiq to provide integrated fleet and workforce planning software. Today, NTV employs Quintiq supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O) software to optimize the utilization of all operational resources from long-term strategic planning to real-time rescheduling and disruption management.

Lorenzo Corea
27 Nov 2014
RESEARCH: Reshaping The Interface Between Marketing And Operations In Globalizing Furniture Supply Chains

Over the past few decades, international fragmentation of production and offshore outsourcing have remarkably altered the organization of Western supply chains. Particularly in low-tech, manufacturing sectors, the fast spread of global production network has forced managers to reconsider the configuration of their supply chains, including the alignment between marketing and operations. Although the marketing-operations interface (MOI) is crucial in supply chain management, the understanding of globalization’s effects on this process remains uncertain and unclear. By focusing on the furniture industry in USA and Italy, this paper uses ...

Buciuni G., Russo I, Mola L.
Università di Verona - LogiMaster

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