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Unified Logistics: The Need for Agile Resiliency

Someone recently mentioned that “resiliency” seems to be one of my favorite words. As words go, it’s not a bad one to have as your favorite. 

The ability to adapt, to quickly recover from disruption, to be elastic; it’s fitting for what we all need as we live through our current COVID-19 reality.

As supply chain and logistics practitioners, our reality was already challenging. The shift in market power from the seller to the consumer had firmly taken hold. Consumer fulfillment was no longer just a “retail issue,” as industry lines were being blurred and many product suppliers were driving direct-to-customer channels.

COVID-19 exacerbated the challenges we were already facing as supply chains. And, like me, many consumers are engaging in “me-centric” retail engagement, avoiding in-person shopping as much as possible – adding another supply chain challenge.

On the positive, supply

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30 Oct 2020
The Benefits of Forecasting in Transportation Planning

The police psychic—who uses supernatural powers to solve crimes that would otherwise baffle their colleagues—is a well-established one in tv and film. But what about the supply chain psychic? Imagine a long-running tv show about, say, a transportation planner who knew in advance what ord

Brian Hoey

29 Oct 2020
The need for analytics and extensibility in the warehouse

As warehouse operations increase in complexity, the need for comprehensive analytics is greater than ever. Many warehouse directors lack the insights needed to improve shipments, manage inventory, monitor labor productivity and more. While most warehouses have no shortage of data at their disposa


29 Oct 2020
Does Digital Transformation Manufacturing Need Cloud?

In greater numbers, manufacturers are choosing the Cloud to deliver mission-critical ERP functionality and related applications to end users. It's true that many of the early adopters of Cloud ERP were motivated by cost reduction. Internal IT staff could spend more time on high-value tasks by de


26 Oct 2020
The 2020 Consumer: How the Pandemic Changed Everything

It’s no secret the retail industry has undergone dramatic changes this year. Because of the pandemic, a major disruption has been the increase in customers’ buying online and picking up in-store (BOPIS) and taking advantage of contactless curbside pickup. For example, Best Buy and Target

Nina Seth
Blue Yonder

26 Oct 2020
AI’s Role in Manufacturing’s Digital Transformation

Imagine that you’re an astronaut—you’re orbiting the Earth in your shuttle when all of a sudden an alarm on your control panel goes off. Obviously, whatever the indicator is pointing to is something you want resolved as quickly as possible, so you contact ground control and as

Brian Hoey

16 - 20 of 605

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