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Build your Industry 4.0 vision to reduce waste and ensure food safety

The rise of Industry 4.0 brings promise for a safer, more agile future in the food and beverage industry. But the journey to digital transformation doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. The business environment is changing more rapidly than ever before. To stay competitive and meet the intensifying needs of Industry 4.0, food and beverage companies need to rise to the occasion and make a plan to become digitally connected.

The problem that most organizations encounter when investing in new technology or adopting Industry 4.0 principles is a lack of strategy. Industry 4.0 is the culmination of automation, machine learning, and connectivity that stems from hundreds of years of evolution and three other industrial revolutions. It didn’t happen overnight, and it certainly won’t for your organization, either. The first step is developing your business’ Industry 4.0 vision to address critical challenges in the food and beverage space: reduci

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27 Nov 2020
Create network planners to reimagine and redefine supply chains

The supply chain sector is constantly striving to innovate and to redesign the work that is performed. In doing so, there will be opportunities to redefine the purpose for those that currently work within our supply chain, as well as for those who previously worked in other functions. For example, a

Patrick Van Hull
27 Nov 2020
Beyond Just Inventory How Planning Impacts the Entire Company

When people hear the word “planning”, many of them immediately make the connection with “inventory”. Granted, inventory strategy is a critical part of a company’s overall health. But planning today encompasses much more than just inventory. It covers the entire supply c

27 Nov 2020
The Top 5 Supply Chain Challenges for 2021

Let’s be real, there’s only one top supply chain challenge for 2021. It’s the same top challenge that supply chain managers have been grappling with for the vast majority of 2020: keeping operations on track in spite of the coronavirus and all of its attendant disruptions. These di

Brian Hoey
24 Nov 2020
Unified Logistics: The Need for Agile Resiliency

Someone recently mentioned that “resiliency” seems to be one of my favorite words. As words go, it’s not a bad one to have as your favorite.  The ability to adapt, to quickly recover from disruption, to be elastic; it’s fitting for what we all need as we live through

Fab Brasca
Blue Yonder
24 Nov 2020
What Should Your S&OP Solution Actually Do?

Supply and demand represent two of the most basic, foundational business concepts that we have—and yet, getting the two optimally aligned with one another is a challenge even for long-established companies with track records of success. To wit, most manufacturers currently utilize some kind of

Brian Hoey

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Operating conditions improve at fastest pace since September 2014
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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Maximum safety and reliability and reducing the costs for our customers at the same time: we are able to offer the chemical industry an extensive range of chemical logistics services that hardly any other logistics specialist can match. It is our goal to harmonise our services with your specifications in s...

Set up your chemical supply chain for success: Step 1-3

In today’s highly competitive and unpredictable chemical industry, companies face an uphill battle trying to optimize their supply chains with so much data existing outside of the organization. In fact, Ernst &a...


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Erema: Gaining a competitive edge through preferential exports

Erema, an Austrian manufacturer of recycling systems, uses AEB software to accelerate the proper classification of its components, manage supplier’s declarations, and ensure compliance in its exports. Erema ship...

EU businesses say goodbye to UK suppliers as Brexit bites into key relationships

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of EU businesses expect to move their supply chain out of the UK Two-fifths (40%) of UK businesses are looking to replace their EU suppliers 25% of large UK businesses* have spe...

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