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How Do AI and Big Data Add Value for Manufacturers

Artificial intelligence and big data are the peaks of innovation. As technology continues to grow more sophisticated and developed, our reliance on data grows as well. Today, data is one of the most valuable commodities for modern businesses. More and more businesses are going digital, resulting in data production at a greater volume than ever before. To maximize the value of this data, companies must scale up their networks to store, share, and process such data, and it needs to be done efficiently. With the best and most informed understanding of your data, you can set the standard for your business’ success. Using AI and Big Data, you can reduce costs, make better and faster decisions, and meet customer needs with ease. 

For manufacturers in particular, maximizing efficiency and speedy is crucial to optimize operations. Many manufacturers have already in

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08 Apr 2021
Half of consumers say their spending habits have changed permanently due to the pandemic, according to a new AlixPartners report

A new report released today by AlixPartners, the global consulting firm, finds that one in two consumers around the globe has had their consumption habits permanently changed due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—which is just one of the findings from the firm’s ongoing, empiricall

David Garfield
07 Apr 2021
What Is the Role of Automation in the Modern Supply Chain?

The modern supply chain is all about speed. Supply chain managers are looking to jump on the latest trends to get a leg-up in the race for elite optimization. With such an array of technology and software available, all of which claim to be the key to resilience and efficiency, how does one determin

Martin Pahulje
06 Apr 2021
Why change is essential during a supply chain digital transformation

Global change, business evolution, technology disruption, digital transformation – all terms with which we have become very familiar. We thought we fully understood the implications of these terms prior to Covid-19. However, now we understand them at entirely new levels as most of what we know

Anne Robinson
06 Apr 2021
Can the Cloud Really Improve Logistics Flexibility?

A flexible supply chain logistics management system should be efficient and contain end-to-end visibility. Supply chains are ever-changing and combating disruptions, so logistics flexibility is crucial to overcoming challenges quickly and at low cost. While organizations recognize this, many still s

Martin Pahulje
31 Mar 2021
The Integrated S&OP and S&OE Process

What's the difference? Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) is the process where all business planning comes together. This process includes customer service, sales, marketing, development, manufacturing, sourcing, and financial planning, melded together into an integrated set of tactical

Robin Hornung

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Last update 4 Jun 2021
Production growth accelerates amid stronger client demand, but supply chain disruption remains marked
   Source: Markit US Manufacturing PMI   -  IHS Markit
United States 

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Even industries driven by the strictest safety and environmental regulations are capable of reducing their costs. Our solutions improve each phase of the chemical logistics supply chain, to increase your supply chain performance, improve predictability and mitigate potential problems before they arise. B...

Building trust and visibility across the automotive supply chain

Disruptions to the supply chain If any event reveals the need for resilient supply chains, it’s COVID-19. The disruptions shook every industry, including automobile. Early 2020 forecasts projected a significant ...

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HOYER: Future-Proofs System for Managing Intermodal Rail, Road, and Sea Transport to Meet High Growth Potential

HOYER is an independent family enterprise that dates back to 1946, and which has become one of the world’s leading bulk-logistics providers, offering comprehensive transport services and complex logistics soluti...

Sharing Supply Chain Data in the Digital Era

Companies can use a digital marketplace to transform supply chain dynamics within their own units.Effectively managing and coordinating supply chains will increasingly require new approaches to data transparency and coll...