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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

15 Jun 2018
Unlocking the Secrets of Responsive Distribution

Hugh Fisher

From the rise of real-time data and artificial intelligence, to the new opportunities and challenges of connected devices in our homes and in our pockets, we know the ways customers discover and buy products are changing – and those changes are being driven by technology.

But the impacts those changes can have on your distribution processes can be more difficult to realize, which is why it’s time to take stock of those changes and learn how your business can evolve with the market to be as efficient as possible. Our on-demand webinar, “Unlocking the Secrets of Responsive Distribution,” explores how today’s technology can help retailers shift their operational strategies and achieve a truly customer-centric view of distribution – to modernize with store clusters, advance to customer-aware clusters and transform customer segmentation.

In this webinar, featured speaker George Lawrie shares new insights that show why retail planning is critical in today’s highly competitive industry. Faced with changing shopper behaviors, today’s world of unified commerce is creating greater category complexity and the need to plan at the speed of the internet. Lawrie details how these forces mean retailers’ assortment planning decisions are more challenging than ever before.

Also in this webinar, Nicole Phillips of JDA Software explores how today’s leading technology solutions are enabling retailers to meet those challenges by better understanding customers and being able to react more quickly to those shifts in customer preferences.

And Greg Czerpak, SVP of merchandise planning and allocation with Hat World / Lids Sports Group, shares the story of the results his company achieved after implementing JDA Retail Planning solutions – a move that positively impacted both their bottom line and their business processes.

Click here to watch the on-demand webinar – then visit the JDA Knowledge Center for more about our cutting-edge JDA retail planning solutions.






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