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08 Nov 2018
3 Trends Retailers Can Be Thankful for from Our Pre-Thanksgiving Consumer Survey

JoAnn Martin

The results from our latest consumer survey are in. Grocers have some big reasons to be thankful going into Thanksgiving this year– and some trends to keep top-of-mind moving into 2019 (hint: think eCommerce!)

JDA surveyed over a thousand consumers for insights into their shopping habits to get a look ahead as the holiday approaches. Grocers will be grateful for these four positive trends:


1. Consumers are ready to shop for the festivities.

The holiday is bringing in some strong numbers for in-store and eCommerce grocers alike. JDA’s survey found that 86% of consumers plan to shop for Thanksgiving. This number accounts for in-store shoppers and customers ordering groceries online.


2. Omni-channel shoppers are on their way.

According to the survey, 28% of shoppers research online before they buy. That’s good news for retailers. Why? Online research leads to a 13% boost in spending in-store among omnichannel shoppers.

More customers headed in-store are coming with questions, too. 27% of consumers plan on researching in-store. Meanwhile, another 22% are getting recommendations from friends and family and connections on social media.


3. Stores can expect a lot of foot traffic.

A whopping 83% of consumers plan on shopping in-store for Thanksgiving this year.

While the overwhelming majority plan on shopping in-store, shoppers with changing expectations are starting to look for more convenient alternatives to make holiday planning simpler. 7% of shoppers plan on using a grocery delivery service, meanwhile about another 9% plan on shopping at the store and purchasing groceries for delivery. Expect these numbers to rise next year as more retailers like Walmart expand their eCommerce experience and delivery options.

While only 7% of consumers surveyed are planning to order holiday must-haves online, that’s almost double this year’s projected rate for overall grocery eCommerce purchases. This jump in holiday deliveries shows more online shoppers are trying out delivery options – still working towards buying more perishables and fresh foods online.

Almost half of shoppers having groceries delivered are using the service for the first time and an overwhelming majority, 67% of those shoppers, said they are doing so for convenience.


Shoppers are buying a full spread of groceries, online.

Not surprisingly, the Thanksgiving holiday is bringing meal planners in for all their Turkey Day necessities as they try out ordering for the festivities online. Survey respondents purchasing online for delivery this season are focused on an assortment of middle-of-the-store items.

Almost 60% plan on purchasing non-perishable food items like canned vegetables or boxed stuffing, just under 45% plan on buying fresh produce and just under 40% are shopping for turkey. Another 38% are bringing dessert to Thanksgiving, 38% are bringing beverages for their festivities like cider, beer or wine, and 30% are bringing already-prepared sides or salads.


What other shopper trends are you expecting?

The survey shows promising numbers across the board for retailers and offers more opportunities to focus on their customer experience and the convenience respondents want. Consider offering curbside pickup, delivery or other options in the future for changing customer expectations.

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