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03 Feb 2015

CASE STUDY: Comprehensive, accurate and flexible passenger rail planning (NTV Case Study)

Lorenzo Corea

NTV - Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori Case Study

In 2009, Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori S.p.A. (NTV), Italy’s first private operator on the country’s high-speed rail network, selected Quintiq to provide integrated fleet and workforce planning software. Today, NTV employs Quintiq supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O) software to optimize the utilization of all operational resources from long-term strategic planning to real-time rescheduling and disruption management.

The customer
NTV is the first private operator on the Italian high speed rail network and the first operator in the world to use the new Alstom AGV train, derived from the prototype train that holds the world record for speed. The company's fleet of 25 trains offers comfortable travel, rich entertainment experiences and complete, customized services – all at competitive prices and in a timely manner.

The challenge
Typically, the biggest challenge of rail fleet and workforce planning involves having the right amount of resources to meet the forecast demand. Adding to the complexity, plans must also take into account all employment regulations and agreements, maintenance requirements and capacity constraints. As a consequence, planners spend the majority of their time simply trying to create any plan that meets these complex requirements rather than the optimal plan. NTV was searching for a solution to create optimal plans, taking into account both constraints and business rules as well as the needs and preferences of its employees. “We were looking for an integrated system that would be capable of efficiently balancing our resources and our employees’ quality of life,” said Paolo Ripa, Passenger Director at NTV. “This would ensure the quality of our long-term planning and improve productivity in the long run.”

The choice
“We were primarily looking for three things: a flexible approach, excellent methodology, and the capacity to support a project in the start-up phase,” says Ripa. “Quintiq was the one that responded to our unique needs.” Proving that a 100% fit was possible, Quintiq's rail planning and scheduling solution stood alone as the “only complete solution delivering comprehensive, accurate and flexible passenger rail planning”. Quintiq was also the only company to provide a solution that was able to achieve NTV’s specific business goals and key performance indicators.

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