25 Mar 2015

CASE STUDY: Meneba develops products at lowest cost possible using Quintiq software

Lorenzo Corea

Meneba Case Study

“At a certain point there were too many variables involved. We had to look
for a more powerful system with which we could consistently produce the
best blends against the lowest possible cost price.”
– Douwe Van Dijk, Manager Quality and Food Safety at Meneba

The customer
Meneba’s processing capacity of 1.2 million tons of corn ranks it among Europe’s largest corn processing companies. With a staff of between 450 and 500 employees, Meneba's 2009 revenues were approximately €360 million (U.S. $500 million). To ensure an optimal production process, Meneba decided to deploy the Quintiq software solution in 2002. Since then, Quintiq's software has helped the company solve a highly complex bill-of-material puzzle. Although corn is a bulk product, there are substantial differences in terms of properties and varieties. For instance, properties such as water absorption, suitability for bread baking, protein content and protein quality can differ significantly. These properties may impact the quality of the end product — the blends.

In addition, the prices offered by various parties are subject to change, and the additives can impact the end product. “All these factors make the composition of all the blends that Meneba produces a highly complex process,” comments Douwe Van Dijk, the company’s Quality and Food Safety manager. At Meneba’s production facilities, corn is blended and milled, which in the first instance results in a semi-finished product. Meneba distinguishes between several dozens of different semi-finished products. After that, the company blends these semi-finished products into 350 different end products. Meneba supplies these blends to traditional bakers, industrial bakers and producers of biscuits and related products. It also supplies animal nutrition and products for industrial applications.

The challenge
For a long time, Meneba managed the formulas for all its semi-finished products and blends using Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets. "However, at a certain point there were too many variables involved. We had to look for a more powerful system with which we could consistently produce the best blends against the lowest possible cost price,” explains Van Dijk. After evaluating various solutions, Meneba selected Quintiq. The software not only offered the best price per quality ratio, but also contained the powerful algorithms that Meneba required. These algorithms are crucial for the production of blends that consistently meet quality requirements at the lowest cost possible.

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