14 Apr 2015

CASE STUDY: ABS improves on-time delivery with Quintiq

Lorenzo Corea

ABS -  Acciaierie Bertoli Safau Case Study

'We were quite impressed by the proof of concept and the demonstration of how Quintiq’s software could fit ABS’ planning processes and stringent requirements.' – Luca Visentini, ABS project manager

The customer
Acciaierie Bertoli Safau SpA (ABS), Italy’s top specialty steel producer, is one of the top three specialty steel producers in Europe. Created in 1989 with the merger of Officine Bertoli (founded in 1813) and Safau (founded in 1909), ABS has three production facilities in Italy and more than 500 customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The company’s range of specialty steels is one of the widest in Europe, in terms of both quality and dimension. ABS’ portfolio encompasses ingots and cast, forged and long-rolled products. ABS serves the automotive, construction, defense, energy, petrochemical and transportation industries.

The challenge
ABS needed a planning solution to support its manufacturing operations in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market. It wanted to enhance production efficiency while improving delivery times and performance. This could only be attained with a planning solution that could optimize ABS’ resources and accommodate the complexities of its business.

The company needed a solution that could predict the earliest possible delivery times to enable the sales team to make competitive offers. Increasing production complexity called for a planning solution that could propose and compare alternative planning scenarios to help management select the best option. ABS wanted to boost profit with a more customer-centric approach. To achieve this, ABS needed to be able to strategically optimize the use of its resources to keep complex manufacturing processes running smoothly while also meeting business goals.

In order to align ABS’s logistics and production processes with increasingly rigorous customer demands, the company needed a planning solution that could optimize the flow of information and materials needed to produce an extensive range of products. The new solution needed to integrate seamlessly with the existing SAP ERP platform to support ABS’ supply chain operations. It needed to be robust, flexible and reliable for planning, scheduling and optimizing resources. It had to support best practices, improve customer service, key performance indicators (KPIs), and productivity and reduce working capital while maintaining margins.


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