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Job Description

Pharmaceutical Material Specialist, Warehouse

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Company: Roche
Contract: PERM
Location: California - Vacaville, United States

Job Responsibilities:

Perform the receiving, sampling, distribution, and shipping function for the Vacaville manufacturing facility. Responsibilities include receiving and sampling of GMP raw materials and components; storage, shipping and distribution of GMP raw materials, components and frozen bulk product; handling of hazardous materials; cycle counting; and accurate inventory documentation. (Supports manage inventory goals and initiatives for the Vacaville site and network.)

  • Receive and sample incoming raw materials and components into Vacaville's GMP warehouse.
  • Prepare raw materials and components for shipment to other Genentech manufacturing sites
  • Inventory and maintain minimum stock of raw materials/components in Vacaville manufacturing processing areas
  • Prepare frozen bulk product for shipment to other Genentech manufacturing sites or CMO’s
  • Perform inventory, ordering, and storage of raw materials and supplies as required
  • Maintain accurate documentation and raw materials inventory
  • Perform scale/balance weight checks as required
  • Process raw materials and components for return/rejection/destruction
  • Complete inventory checks and cycle counts with goal of 100% inventory accuracy
  • Handling, sampling, and internal distribution of hazardous materials
  • Adhere to all CGMP's, Genentech policies, and SOP'S
  • Adhere to all safety guidelines and procedures
  • Safely operate materials handling equipment including fork lifts and pallet jacks
  • Maintain equipment and work areas in a clean and orderly condition
  • Properly use all business computer systems and tools
  • Maintain the required technical training and certifications (i.e. Fork lift, Hazmat, cGMP)
  • Suggest quality, safety, and efficiency improvements
  • Perform miscellaneous materials handling duties when required
  • Attend cGMP, Safety, and on-the job training as required by Department policy

Job Requirements:

  • Associates Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience in computer-based systems and use in a validated environment preferred.
  • Prior experience in a biotech, pharmaceutical, or chemical manufacturing environment preferred.
  • Prior training in chemicals handling, and good laboratory methods/practices preferred.
  • Must be able to work weekends, off-shifts, and overtime as required.
  • Must be able to lift 40 lbs and stand for extended periods of time.
  • Must have a clean DMV record.


Understand safety is the highest priority.

  • Ensure understanding of safety hazards and procedures in work areas.
  • Adhere to all safety guidelines and procedures.
  • Actively identify safety issues.
  • Immediately notify department supervisor or lead or safety incident hazards or near miss events.

Quality/Inspection Readiness

  • Follow cGMPs
  • Adhere to all written and electronic procedures and exercise good documentation practices
  • Recognize operational deviations and notify supervisor or lead before proceeding with operations
  • Utilize available quality systems as they pertain to your work area
  • Stay current on training and procedure revisions
  • Maintain work environment in an inspection ready state
  • Actively practice "line of site", correcting housekeeping and inspection issues as appropriate
  • Maintain documentation in accordance to GNE compliance standards


  • Inform supervisor and others of issues, challenges, and barriers to success, safety impact, product quality production schedule, and recommend possible solutions
  • Clearly communicate with supervisor or lead prior to working overtime hours
  • Communicate absences with supervisor and lead
  • Communicate project work, extra responsibilities with supervisor, lead, and coworkers
  • Develop effective work relationship with supervisor
  • Request additional information or guidance
  • Ask questions appropriately
  • Listen actively
  • Foster open communication
  • Communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing
  • Written communication must be professional, legible, and grammatically correct

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Partner with members of shift as well as across shifts to complete daily assignments
  • Participate in and contribute to a team environment. Supportive of other team members.
  • Work with others to achieve a shared vision and a positive, fun, work environment
  • Work with co-workers and supervisor to resolve conflict
  • Maintain acceptable attendance
  • Build and maintain strong, collaborative partnerships with others across functional area
  • Share, solicit, and constructively support ideas within shift and functional group
  • Make productive contributions in team meetings

Decision Making

  • Adhere to Genentech's principles and process for decision-making
  • Gather all appropriate information
  • Grasp complexity of issues
  • Make sound and timely decisions within the scope and level of his/her responsibility
  • Demonstrate awareness of procedures and process parameters and ensures proper focus is maintained while performing operations


  • Drive to produce results while maintaining an organized approach
  • Evaluate and prioritizes alternative solutions
  • Meet timeline commitments and keeps others informed as necessary
  • Prioritize activities with safety, compliance, and product quality focus

Process Improvements

  • Make suggestions that lead to more safe, compliance, and efficient work
  • Share and solicit ideas
  • Think creatively


  • Know, understand, and model the company's and site's values in all interactions and decisions
  • Consistently model the values in own behaviors
  • Actively recognize team members for their contributions
  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of diversity
  • Continuously demonstrate respect for differences through cooperation and collaboration with others
  • Support an inclusive environment
  • Contribute to the success of diversity at Genentech


  • Takes ownership, initiative and holds self-accountable for role and responsibilities required for position
  • Adhere to appropriate laws, regulations, and Genentech polices
  • Work with supervisor to set goals following Genentech principles and processes. Take ownership for achieving goals.
  • Demonstrate behaviors consistent with Genentech vision and values
  • Demonstrate "Line of Site" responsibility-See it, own it, fix it

Continuous Learning

  • Complete all required training activities (i.e., safety, cGMPs, technical skills, processing operations, etc.)
  • Accept constructive feedback and be open and willing to be coached
  • Share knowledge willingly and learn from others
  • Set goals around developing knowledge and experience
  • Consistently seek feedback from shift and supervisor with respect to personal performance and skills

Operational Execution/Effectiveness

  • Ensure conformance with production schedule
  • Maximize production and labor efficiency while meeting required safety and quality levels
  • Achieve desired results

Technical Skills

  • Understand the basic concepts of the operations that you perform
  • Demonstrate technical knowledge to safely operate systems and to properly perform basic operations with
  • minimal supervision
  • Continue to increase technical skill relative to operations in your department


  • Maintain a positive attitude when faced with changing priorities and systems
  • Constructively voice opinions
  • Demonstrate professional conduct

Customer Focus

  • Understand the requirements, expectations and needs of internal and external customers
  • Committed to delivering on commitments

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