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Scale, technology, analysis and control are all part of the comprehensive solutions we provide.

XPO Logistics is highly experienced in providing technology-enabled solutions for automotive and industrial clients. Our logistics solutions drive down costs and eliminate excess inventory, while enhancing visibility and collaboration. We also have strong processes in place to accelerate supplier on-boarding and streamline inbound material flows. If you need manufacturing support, service parts distribution or other services, we can provide those as well.

XPO gives you the tools and resources to unlock your supply chain's potential: assembly line support, Kaizen workshops and just-in-time production. The Lean methodologies we employ have deep roots in the automotive industry and are augmented by years of innovation and technology. Our capabilities dramatically reduce inventory and overhead while cutting turnaround times for delivery.

Key services include:
- Reverse logistics (including recall management)
- Aftermarket support
- Managed transportation (including full network optimization)
- Manufacturing support (including kitting, light assembly and point-of-use delivery)
- Materials management and procurement
- Lead logistics services
- Supply chain consulting

As a top ten logistics and transportation provider, scale is no problem. For example, we currently provide inbound managed transportation for more than 2,000 suppliers to 80 manufacturing facilities for a leading global industrial manufacturer. Our technology tools span the entire supply chain, with a web-based portal that provides valuable visibility from supplier to end-user, including shipments in transit.

In addition to technology-enabled logistics solutions, we provide our automotive and industrial clients with powerful analyses that drill down to transportation and network strategies. This process can point to opportunities for supply chain improvement and business growth, improved demand planning and reduced overhead related to inventory management, including vendor-owned and vendor-managed inventory solutions.


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